310. Now you know today

Today I shall write to you because I want to give you credit for how those of you who have taken what I so far have written to you seriously and thoroughly because in this long and thorough text this little by little can become is what you all together who now develop what I write here on this Web Page because I am that one who know what you are able to manage if you only get a little help from me who know everything about you all and much more than that only to have indicated that I never show who I really am or what I am because that is the secret I keep forever about you all except for David who is my loyal assistant helper because I need him to what I now are doing and because he did all he did to help you all without any other aims with it than to manage to help you all except those he became taken up with that only ruin for you all with that is this now been published so go on only with planning and thinking and I will like that you start to write your own texts which you think about totally by yourselves you all my loyal assistant helpers you shall get to be forever all of you who start to care about this in a responsible and orderly way because you understand what this is about which is that the whole world will be totally destroyed of all the wrong things the humans have started to do now today and here you shall get to know what my assistant helper has thought about exactly this totally by himself and that is that we humans can create whatever it can be within our possibilities and that means that we also can start to create something which becomes totally wrong and catastrophic destructive for both ourselves and the whole world and with that you know that like that you all are able to start to think your own very important thoughts about what you now have got to know from me who dictates David to write exactly what here has been written and now he has been so exceptionally clever to that so no one need to doubt that anymore that he will come to manage all of it which will be neeed.

May 13, 2021, David H. Hegg