311. Today I shall write

Today I shall write to you all who have taken this so seriously that you now have been worried about if there will be a nuclear war or not and it will not be any nuclear war but that depends on that you all start to do what you can manage to do yourselves for that it not shall be any nuclear war because this isn’t any message or order it is one longed‐for wish in you all about that it not have to be that day when everything in the world becomes destroyed forever and always and with that shall you get to know by me who dictates this to David that you all are welcome to the eternal paradise you wonder if exists but that is actually nothing else than the eternal existing’s eternal universe by creation all the time until it all one day is finished but that is more than one billion years multiplied with itself one billion times more so with that you also know that this Earth has to do with eternal circumstances which are depending on that this world not becomes destroyed too early in what this is one’s development which isn’t anything else that a wish about that something have to exist forever because otherwise I always will miss what I have created if it not continues forever so with that you all know who have taken this seriously that I here today have given you this promise that it shall not be any nuclear war if you only do what you can manage all of you.

May 14, 2021, David H. Hegg