313. For ever

In this little text it is only a little more which shall be written about David Harry Hegg’s incredible and strange life already as only three years old of age was he namely classified as a unbelievable gifted little child with abilities and talents far above his at that time development level this was talked about everywhere around him where someone knew about him and his parents who both were classified as only totally ordinary workpeople who nothing should have to say here in this country or somewhere else in the world with that is this little text only a warning to all who think it is you humans who have the power to rule what it is which has something to say in the eternal existence’s eternal existence because there it is I who dictate this also to David who has the power over what shall be and become and so comes this in the end it is I how really can kill and I can kill forever and not only for the little life you have here on this little globe which is to understand as nearly nothing but the little it is is even of such high value that I let this little boy here who once promised me to give everything for me and my intention with the whole world that little protection it is for me that everyone who tries to hurt him will be killed forever.

July 9, 2021, David H. Hegg