315. Commander‐in‐chief

In this text is this the essential that all what David has done now has been hopeless destroyed by those who have wanted to destroy what he has managed to be able to gain in his own work through all these years where he has managed to find out about what had happened with himself and his nearest family and friends here on this planet which is the most beautiful of all my creations I have made and from now on it is me who got his help and not him who have mine help because this is only a little message about how this now has been here on this planet where it from now on and through an endless future for all you humans here on this Earth will only be a terrible weather damage all around in the world until I have reached what is mine plane which not at all is David’s plan because his plan was that all the humans should get the information from him which should have given them the help they needed to be able to do what had been necessary for all the humans on this planet to do because you cannot let other humans begin to be your God here on this planet because that is impossible for some of you humans to be able to be forever and that is all I want to say in this message because it is dangerous for you all that some of the humans have started to believe that they can be your God for ever on this Earth because you are not created to be like that and that is because of that betrayal against me who really is your God or let us say creator because that is what I am and today you all who have been reading these texts thoughtfully and honest shall get to know a little about what this planet and this universe really is it is an experience of human knowledge which I have created for you all so you should be able to learn about what I have created for you and about what I have had in mind with that and from now on are you my very god friends and helpers all of you except those who only are false and betray me all the time except when they are hones to one another about how false they are because that is what I know every single word about and from now on is David my helper and I am your God who will guide you through all these difficulties this will be for you all except for those who die because when they die they come free for this material which this is which is the early stage in the creating of what I have been creating for a very long time in this way in many worlds in many universes in such a time frame that it is impossible for you all to understand how long time that has been but today you who have believed in David also can believe in me because what David says to me is that what I say to him is from such a clever voice in him that he believe I am what I say that I am and with that you all know that he is the one all the humans in this world can believe in that never will betray you all because that has been his own wisdom through all these years that he has to prevent enteral pain on this planet but that shall never happen because I have all the power I need not only him but you all who now believe in this can rely on that with these last words this short text has been written under my command over David in that way that he listen to what I say inside him and only write absolutely correctly what I say he shall write for David isn’t a robot he is a living human who forever will have me as his commander‐in‐chief and never will some other be able to chance that regarding him and me good luck! for you all and remember that the death is only the beginning for the eternal life for you all who I can trust so much that it is possible for me to give you eternal life goodbye for so long and soon I shall write more for you who care about what this can be.

July 27, 2021, David H. Hegg