316. A few advices

In this text it will be given a few advices about what will happen in the time to come it will be terrible weather changes which really is weather damages and in that regard it will be necessary for you all to change how you are able to survive on this planet which you all have damaged so terrible also even you hadn’t wanted to do that because what you all have had to reach have been money and money in all thinkable possible ways which have been possible for you to gain and that have been so terrible damaging for this world that from today on and through the future it now will be more than three million years before this planet again will be as it once was created to be and if you think that I have been proud of what I have created when I have created such a damaging race of humans you are totally wrong I blame myself for have created such a terrible damaging and evil race of humans that I never will do I again for the eternal time and with that you now such a anger and rage that you cannot understand how furious I am both for what I have done by myself with creating you but also for how bad some of you have been all the time through all these ten thousands of years which you all only get to know that are fantastic achievements by those humans who have done so much evil and bad as they have done all the time through these thousands of years on this planet which only are evilness and evilness all the time and nothing to be proud of at all when you now have to be more prudent and careful with what you are doing you shall get a little to know about what that must be for the almost of all is that you have to care about something else than money and money all the time because that for money you cannot buy you anything at all in the end of these three million of years and for the second you have to start to believe in that you all have to care about how to work and create what you need by your own work and not by suppressing and gain money by putting other people down and down and only lie about what you are doing all the time with this I have written a little bit more and in the end I have written all you need to know through these three million of years and the time after that for the eternal future here on this planet the next after this is that I am not furious about what everyone of you are doing some of you are very good humans and I like your behavior very much so I am not angry about everything which has gone on for this is the end with this text that I am not angry about everything you humans have achieved here on this planet you have also surprised me about how much good and fine you have been able to achieve with that I say goodbye and good luck! for this time.

July 30, 2021, David H. Hegg