317. In this text

In this text I have decided to tell you all about my decision about how this earth shall survive the tragedy you all in different ways have decided to let happen even you all know it will be dangerous for all the humans after you all today when all the damages you now have decided to let go on evolve even you know it will damage the whole earth this decision is that this earth will on day nearly has died about all the necessary things you all now know that are of almost totally importance for the living species on this planet that will be that the earth first will be to all degrees too warm and after that to all degrees it will be too cold and after that the earth will start to prepare to begin to live again and after that it will be possible for all the species on this planet to live here for the rest of this planet’s life which is too much long for you to recognize how long it will be then it will in this text be this which becomes my goodbye for you all in this beautiful world you all too much have taken for granted that will survive all your damages too much and to long ago you saw that you had to change your behavior but you didn’t and now it is too late and then I wish you all a very happy Christmas even I know that all about Jesus Christ is a very evil lie written by an very evil man who you all can find out who was and then I also shall tell you that a man called Jesus has really lived for a long time ago and it is exactly him that religion want to hide so nobody shall start to think about why that man has been so terrible lied about and so I in the end shall tell you all who really want to help me and David with saving this world that that will be that all you who do that you help me and David to save the real world which is the eternal world which is another world than this which you all who help us whit that will have your part in for ever so don’t be afraid because I am a very dangerous one just now but I am not an evil one happy new year also to all my new and old beloved friends and allied to you all be happy with your own and one another’s existence on this planet which is here to prepare for the eternal world which you all belong to who not betray me and my plan with this world’s intention which is to create happiness and goodness so every single species can live each own life in happiness of being created by me happy new year again and goodbye for now but I shall write more again in some few months from now on.

December 20, 2021, David H. Hegg