318. Hope and glory

This is the upper level of power here on this planet and from now on that power will be in charge for the future to come in many billions of years before I let you humans become free as you one day will be again when this is finished and completed for from now one I have the power over you all except for you who are the kindest and the best of your kind with that has this introduction been written and here becomes the rest of it in this text shall I tell you about how these experiments with hypnoses started from its beginning that was a psychiatrist who started with his experiments in 1832 and continued with that until 1834 when he had become a well‐known psychiatrist regarding how to control the human mind in other humans than oneself in that way that he had been working with these experiments for a quite long time before 1832 also but these experiments were top secret information which only a few people knew about how dangerous had begun to be and therefore that was those people how decided to keep that secret for themselves and only tell about it to others who they could trust regarding to handle these knowledge in a proper way as they seemed to care about how should become in the future which they talked to one another about that should be kept as a secret for the entire world forever and that becomes which today is to keep going on with preparing for that the whole world shall be under control of the capitalistic system regarding everything which has to do with living creatures as animals plants and humans and with that is this now been published which is something they who decided not to do anything with these criminals’ crime have decided to keep for their own secret for the rest of time here on this planet which I now shall tell you all about what shall become and here I shall start to dictate David something I force him to write instead of saying to him what I want that he shall write because this will become very awful and dangerous for you all here in the world for a very long time from now on because today it is too late for you all to prevent these destructions these experiments now have caused from happen because after the first experiments these people continued with their experiments for the time to come until today when they now know that all these experiments have ruined the whole Earth and the whole population of animals plants and humans on this planet and here is what will happen for now on the whole planet it will soon start to prepare for to continue with these experiments until you all know how dangerous it is for you humans to try to become me who now has decided to punish everyone who continues with these experiments in one way or another in that way that they all shall become to lose their entirely life no matter how they have decided to use these capitalistic knowledge in different ways because these knowledge are only an evil way of managing to get more and more power over other humans’ minds and souls in a way which is so evil that I from today on never will forgive those who want to continue with that in some way or another because these information of how to control the humans’ spirits is so dangerous and evil that I will never forgive those who from now on continue wanting to do that when they now know about how that has become possible for them to do like it has become here on this planet today because for today on these experiments will continue to develop in ways you never can do anything about because it has to do with how this living planet has been created by me to become a very solid and kind and good planet for all species which are living here as their preparation for the entirely life in the entirely world every one of them without any exception for none of them except them who have decided to laugh about what they now know that David had decided to tell everybody on this planet about what he had discovered expect to me who knew about what he was doing all the time so I from that day he became aware of these experiments with such knowledge has been under my control all the time and will become to be like that until he has finished my use of him here in this world where it is me who have the supreme power and no one else can take that power from me who now has dictated David to have to write this in this way so everybody who know about this from now on know the consequences of being so evil that they want to continue with something which from the beginning had its origin in slavery and the intention they started with was to create a power which in the end had made all the people except themselves to become their slaves in the whole world and that is what these people have continued with until today but today they recognize that they have made a great mistake in publishing their own sympathy for the capitalistic system in a way which shall become the eternal future for this world which is my world and no one else have that power over this world as one’s property than me and David which forever is my best friend among all the species I have created because he understood this in a correct way from the beginning of his short life on this planet when he learned from his parents to be found of everything the nature around him is with that has this been published for you all to know that to be found of everything the nature is that makes a person to be kind and good for ever.

January 2, 2022, David H. Hegg