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323. Today I have this

In this text I will promise all of you who believe in me and my eternal power over this world that today I know you all who I can trust and I will promise all of you that your eternal life is safe and forever will be in my powerful eternal world which is what this little world creates without your and my enemies’ knowledge about what this eternal world is because that is what I have in my future for everyone who don’t betray me and my plan with this world which I created without knowing about what evilness is but now I know it and I will promise you all who believe in me and my power over you all for ever that my knowledge about what evilness is now is strong enough to destroy what evilness is for ever and that was all I have for you all at this moment in this terrible situation this world has come into now in these days.

August 20, 2023, David H. Hegg

324. Today I have this

In this text it is one thing I want to say to all who believe in David’s and mine intention which is that we together will bring our readers free from these hypotheses with this little text which I will write in a few words here the hypotheses which are used on you all are only a different way of being able to control your minds in a different way than ordinary preoccupying of your attention in other ways these hypotheses are only a few different ways of controlling you all in different directions than you otherwise had been able to be because you don’t understand why you are doing what you are doing after you have been hypnotized because you don’t remember what have been said to you all when you all do what you all have been hypnotized to do because you after such hypnotizations don’t know what have been put into your inner soul of words which there are able to control your feelings and thoughts afterwards because you don’t have any other arguments against what have been said because you don’t know and remember what have been said to you when this happened for many years ago before you know what will happen when these hypotheses start to work in your mind and now you all know that your way to find out about this is to start to think much more about why you do things you afterwards wouldn’t have done in the way it became when I tell you that you only know my own words for this technique which is that it is your own way of being which has been controlled by me when you start to think your own thoughts because you don’t believe in your thoughts which have been manipulated in ways you don’t know how have been done with these few words you now know what you have to say to yourself that you have to think twice before you do what you think to do that was all for today thank you all for following what I write to all who want to know what I will write in a short time I will write some more of my words to you all goodbye from me and David for this time.

November 29, 2023, David H. Hegg

325. In this text

In this text I shall write about how you all are infected by these hypnoses you are indeed influenced by it yourself without knowing anything about it because you can be hypnotized in many ways without knowing about it when it happens because such hypnotized people will always be able to infect others with the same hypnosis which they are influenced with themselves because of that all of you can be able to influence one another without knowing anything about what goes on with you all in this text I shall tell you all how to prevent this from happening when you are together with one another you all have to be much more careful with how you all talk about everything you talk about every day you all have to think twice about how you talk and listen and understand each other because you all have the attention from me today that I want you all to know how to prevent these hypnoses from being spread all around you all everywhere when you all are together all over the world with this I know that from now on you all who know David and me will be much more advised regarding how to talk much more reflective controlled in your own minds all together without any more impulsive stupidities anymore and that was all at this time in my plan for how I will prevent this from forever never to be something which will happen more in my own world which is what this world for ever will become to be thank you all for being so patient with me and David’s writing which will be this world’s eternal wisdom for you all thank you all so very much for being interested in my words and goodbye for this time.

December 8, 2023, David H. Hegg

326. Sophisticated

In this text I shall mention two and three very important words for you all who believe in my and David’s ambition which is to bring all our readers free from what these words mean which is power over you all for eternal time if you don’t stop to believe in what such humans do to you all who believe in them they betray you and lie to you and become evil against you these three words are therefore lies betrayal and malice and two other important words are to lie honestly and betray sophisticated which are some of your enemies most sophisticated skills to perform in public so you all can hear them perform their evilness in an eloquent way that was everything for this time and goodbye from me and David for this time.

December 10, 2023, David H. Hegg

327. Today I have this

In this text I will show you all who believe in me and David why this has happened it is because of Nora who has talked to me about David and how she was afraid of how she had been thinking about what these people she had disclosed could want to use a human like David for and that was her ambition to prevent from happen because she knew David from the beginning of his life here on Earth and therefore she had very strong fear about what evil people could want to use his abilities to do for them and therefore she talked to me about that and I listen to her and when she talked to David again after more than five years since last time she saw him she could talk with me who is David’s eternal creator which is the same with all of you who are living beings on this Earth and therefor I now can tell you all that I am the only eternal creator who forever will be existing because it is only one eternity and that is forever me and David who will forever be one of my finest creations which I gave to you all on the Earth so you now have a date and a time in the morning on that day and a place where that has happened which you all who read this know that has been David’s and mine ambition that all who know exactly what this is they will forever continue to believe in David and me because we are two reliable different sources which together can be able to bring you correct information which it is possible to find out more about with this I also will say this that the lack of respect which has been shown both for David and myself is very damaging for you all on this planet because now it is too late to save this world from that catastrophic disaster this modern development will bring to you all in a few hundred years from today this world is a disaster because of weather conditions which nothing can change how will be the end of the western civilization’s culture forever this catastrophic development will never happened again and when that time comes when this world again has its normal weather people will forever know what you people on this Earth did wrong you started to believe in fake news and fake politics and fake understanding about who has created this world because that is me and not one of you humans and that was all at this time thank you all who believe in me and David you will forever be my beloved creations which I forever will keep in my real world which is the eternal world you all who not betray me will be a part of for ever I didn’t do all of this only to lose it again goodbye for this time and I will soon write something more to you all.

February 3, 2024, David H. Hegg

328. Most powerful

In this text you all shall get to know that I am a very powerful one I am the only of my kind not any other have the same abilities as I have therefore will it only be one kind of creation as I am forever I am because of eternity and will forever be the eternity nobody except from me can have my possibilities therefore no humans will ever be able to win over me or defeat me or in another way threaten me because that is impossible for humans to gain that was all at this moment in this world’s eternal existence because this little world is the beginning of a very much larger world which I create as the eternal world with this you all can know that I am David’s best friend because he and I will together be able to get all people in this eternal world to stop believing in lies and false prophets which have been very damaging for this little Earth which in a short time will start to behave as a disaster because of these false people’s lies about how the weather is changing these days that was everything you all need to know about me and my friend in this world who is he who write these words because I can dictate him to write what I am saying goodbye for this time and I will soon write something other words to you all.

February 15, 2024, David H. Hegg

329. Some few words

In this text I shall write about me and David for the first time in a honestly way because we two are one from the beginning but have become like two because of how these criminals have influenced both me and David in a very dangerous way for themselves because I am the real creator of David’s human being’s creation and that is why I am so satisfied with him because I have create him by myself and by my different unpleasant relationships with these criminals around in this world it is a pleasure for me to know that now have many other human beings started to believe in me and David because together we have now disclosed this terrible crime these criminals have been doing for nearly 200 years now without any other knowledge about that than by themselves which now is a rule that has been broken by me and my wonderful creation who has been able to lie and listen to these idiots when they thought that he was sleeping but that was only a lie he was listening to every word they said and because of that he became able to recall everything afterwards because in these minutes he understood that he had to wait as long as possible because of what these two idiots were talking so desperately about which among other things was that they had to arrange an air crash to stop David and his family and friends if they started to find out anything now these two idiots are dead and gone forever and will not any longer be able to do any harm to anybody in this world and not in the eternal world either because I have killed them both forever and that is my own duty in this eternal creation of this world to do to everybody who starts to believe in evilness instead of love and that was all at this point in my writings to you all except from them who not want to read a single word of what I write about from now on it will be much more pleasant for me to dictate David my words because all these idiots in this world have now decided not to read a single word more of what I write and that is much better for me to know that I don’t have such idiots among my readers any longer goodbye for this time and I will soon write some more words to you all.

March 2, 2024, David H. Hegg

330. In this text

In this text I shall tell you all who still read what I dictate to David that I am a very powerful one in your world I am the creator of your all humans in this world’s total time already before the world has started to become a real world in your possibilities to understand something of this world which I have created all of before it has started to become a real and visible world you humans can understand something about that was all I have to tell about me and David in this text because this is my eternal power over all the humans before they have started to become real and visible humans and the same is because I also have said to David that what he was able to hear and understand what he could hear these two people talk about after they had succeed in totally failure of their plan with their influences has become my duty to take care of and that has already been fulfilled by me before this world became a real world therefor no humans will never succeed in being more powerful than me and my forever friend who I will take care of forever that was all for this time.

April 11, 2024, David H. Hegg

331. The big boss

In this text a very dangerous one is who I am today because I have said to David that what I today tell you to write is something you must write because I say that you shall do this and David don’t say no to me in this text you shall get to know that what I have said to David a long time ago is that those who want to rule this world with nuclear arms will have to for ever to be punished by my power which is only my power and only I have that power those people will for ever be punished by me with a for ever endless and unlimited pain in their for ever damaged souls by me because I hate all those people and you all know which people who started to make these nuclear weapons and who that was who also used such weapons as their beginning of their world war to gain power over the whole world that is everything I have to say to you all at this point in my career as David’s big boss have a nice day and goodbye for this time I will in a short time tell David to write more.

April 30, 2024, David H. Hegg

332. The large minority

In this text it is one thing I want to tell you all about me and David which is that how he has been able to do this is because I have chosen him to do exactly this and because of that he is mine human in this world for ever because in this world something very strange has happened and that is how you all have been under control of a very large number of a minority of whom you humans are in that way a large number of this minority among the humans have today the power over a much larger majority among all the humans and that is the power of the majority in your world which is under control of the minority of all the humans in this world and if it hadn’t been because of that all the humans in this world should have been under control by themselves but in this world all the humans are together under control by the same minority everywhere around the whole globe and that is what I say is the total democracy for this minority but not for the majority that was all at this point in my career as David’s very much bigger boss than any of you humans ever can be able to understand because it is I who have created both time and distances in your minds and souls goodbye for this time and welcome back to read more of what I will write to you all in a very short time.

May 5, 2024, David H. Hegg

333. Who I am

In this text it is crucial to understand how I have been the one I am today because that started before I was created by myself by the eternity itself which always has been me and because of that I am always existing and I am unable to stop existing in that context I also have to perceive everything I am which is that I am everything which exists that means that everything evil in this world hurts me the same way everything of it hurts my animals and humans in this world and because of that I hate all this suffering and all this poorness the same way as all my creations which also have the same feeling about all this evilness as I have that was everything at this point in my career as your all’s creator both the good ones and the evil ones and those who have turned evil that is how they have betrayed me and my intention with the creation of all my animals and humans which is that it together shall be a nice place for all the creatures forever in a much bigger world than this one for today I understand that the eternal world will come to be true for all my good humans and all the animals I have created all of them together a long time before this world was created goodbye for this time and welcome back to read more from me and my very little friend who has a much bigger friend in me than anyone can be able to understand because I have no limits but all you humans have a limit together all of you and that limit will soon be reached by some of you humans forever.

May 6, 2024, David H. Hegg

334. For ever

In this text it is my intention to drag you all into the consideration of being more aware of how you humans exist in this world because I have created the intention for how you all shall behave together in this beautiful world I have created for you all except all those humans who are betraying me because how I created you all has been done in a way which has its intention to make you all valuable and honest humans without any mistakes at all so don’t make any mistake I am a very hard and brutal God if I need to be that goodbye for this time and I will soon write some more of my words to you all I am God and nobody else have that role so for ever goodbye for this time.

May 27, 2024, David H. Hegg

335. Luxury trash

In this text it is extremely important to know who I am because this is your last chance to believe in me instead of all the lies you always hear around you everywhere in these days therefor in this text it is only a few words which I shall write to you all that is that this time it is me who say to David that what I tell him to write is what he shall write and nothing else than what I say and in David this is my thoughts in him instead of his own thoughts which I have trained him to understand how is and that is something which only happens once in all of my creations of different worlds which I have much more of than only this one but this one is also valuable for me so therefore I have decided to save this world instead of putting it all in an eternal trashcan forever in this text I will tell you that my name isn’t David my name is the eternal itself and what you all call me by name can be what you like to use because I understand all different names people around the world give me I am an eternal and different part of your all’s reality which is that I ain’t the same as an human which is something important to understand because what I can do is something a human never can be able to understand what is so that is what I will you all shall understand about that only I am that eternal part of your all’s reality and it is I who have created all parts of your time and distances and your eternal meaning of what shall be the meaning of your all’s eternal existence and that is eternal happiness and nothing else than that in that regard it is important to understand that what I say to David is my words and not his in this text it is some hard words which will be said to David that he shall write and I will say that between these words that will be many discussions between David and me which has become his and mine pleasure to continue with forever because we both like to discuss our thoughts to become better to understand each other that is possible for all humans to continue to discuss such themes to understand better what I have decided that this world shall be because it will forever be I who decide what this world shall be and nobody else and that is what this text is about that some of you humans have decided to create another reality than what I have created and these humans say that my reality is poor and not luxurious as their world shall become more and more to be for a few of the humans on this more and more damaged planet which soon will start to become very dangerous for all the animals and humans in this world nowadays because the weather you all depend on is in very danger of being destroyed by what all the humans today are doing around the whole Earth in this text I will tell you all that in the time to come there will be more and more rain and winds from my eternal creation of this world until it has blown away everything which you humans today have created on this planet inclusive all your weapons which will be more and more useless the more I have destroyed them that was all I have to say to you all at this point in time but remember that the more you believe in me and my plan with this world the better it will be for you all in the long term goodbye for this time and I will write some few more words in a short time.

July 9, 2024, David H. Hegg

336. My plan

In this text it is very important to believe in me and my friend here on this planet because it is because of him and his very best friend from his childhood who was Nora that I have decided to be much more patient with all you stupid humans on this planet today who all of you believe that I am only a stupid one and that some of you humans are much better prepared to take care of this planet forever and that is you stupid humans’ most stupid belief you ever will come to have and after you all have seen how terrible that will end you will never be that stupid one more time and that will after this one time stupidity of you all without any mistake at all because today you all have started to believe that humans can take care of this planet’s eternal life forever and that will happen only one time and when you all understand how wrong that was to do you have been able to survive in tunnels under the ground and into the mountains where it will be best for you to be together with me for the next few hundred thousands of years that will be approximate one million years from that date some of you humans have started to survive on that planet you let some of the humans start to take care of forever that was everything for this time I will soon write more to you all PS this will become a reality during the next five to two million years in this world where you who belong to me and my plan with this world will learn to survive in a way which will be very nice and clever for everybody who will take part in that plane the others will sooner or later change their attitude when they fly around in the air driven by too hard rain and winds goodbye for this time my beloved animals and other creations on this planet.

July 19, 2024, David H. Hegg