324. Today I have this

In this text it is one thing I want to say to all who believe in David’s and mine intention which is that we together will bring our readers free from these hypotheses with this little text which I will write in a few words here the hypotheses which are used on you all are only a different way of being able to control your minds in a different way than ordinary preoccupying of your attention in other ways these hypotheses are only a few different ways of controlling you all in different directions than you otherwise had been able to be because you don’t understand why you are doing what you are doing after you have been hypnotized because you don’t remember what have been said to you all when you all do what you all have been hypnotized to do because you after such hypnotizations don’t know what have been put into your inner soul of words which there are able to control your feelings and thoughts afterwards because you don’t have any other arguments against what have been said because you don’t know and remember what have been said to you when this happened for many years ago before you know what will happen when these hypotheses start to work in your mind and now you all know that your way to find out about this is to start to think much more about why you do things you afterwards wouldn’t have done in the way it became when I tell you that you only know my own words for this technique which is that it is your own way of being which has been controlled by me when you start to think your own thoughts because you don’t believe in your thoughts which have been manipulated in ways you don’t know how have been done with these few words you now know what you have to say to yourself that you have to think twice before you do what you think to do that was all for today thank you all for following what I write to all who want to know what I will write in a short time I will write some more of my words to you all goodbye from me and David for this time.

November 29, 2023, David H. Hegg