325. In this text

In this text I shall write about how you all are infected by these hypnoses you are indeed influenced by it yourself without knowing anything about it because you can be hypnotized in many ways without knowing about it when it happens because such hypnotized people will always be able to infect others with the same hypnosis which they are influenced with themselves because of that all of you can be able to influence one another without knowing anything about what goes on with you all in this text I shall tell you all how to prevent this from happening when you are together with one another you all have to be much more careful with how you all talk about everything you talk about every day you all have to think twice about how you talk and listen and understand each other because you all have the attention from me today that I want you all to know how to prevent these hypnoses from being spread all around you all everywhere when you all are together all over the world with this I know that from now on you all who know David and me will be much more advised regarding how to talk much more reflective controlled in your own minds all together without any more impulsive stupidities anymore and that was all at this time in my plan for how I will prevent this from forever never to be something which will happen more in my own world which is what this world for ever will become to be thank you all for being so patient with me and David’s writing which will be this world’s eternal wisdom for you all thank you all so very much for being interested in my words and goodbye for this time.

December 8, 2023, David H. Hegg