327. Today I have this

In this text I will show you all who believe in me and David why this has happened it is because of Nora who has talked to me about David and how she was afraid of how she had been thinking about what these people she had disclosed could want to use a human like David for and that was her ambition to prevent from happen because she knew David from the beginning of his life here on Earth and therefore she had very strong fear about what evil people could want to use his abilities to do for them and therefore she talked to me about that and I listen to her and when she talked to David again after more than five years since last time she saw him she could talk with me who is David’s eternal creator which is the same with all of you who are living beings on this Earth and therefor I now can tell you all that I am the only eternal creator who forever will be existing because it is only one eternity and that is forever me and David who will forever be one of my finest creations which I gave to you all on the Earth so you now have a date and a time in the morning on that day and a place where that has happened which you all who read this know that has been David’s and mine ambition that all who know exactly what this is they will forever continue to believe in David and me because we are two reliable different sources which together can be able to bring you correct information which it is possible to find out more about with this I also will say this that the lack of respect which has been shown both for David and myself is very damaging for you all on this planet because now it is too late to save this world from that catastrophic disaster this modern development will bring to you all in a few hundred years from today this world is a disaster because of weather conditions which nothing can change how will be the end of the western civilization’s culture forever this catastrophic development will never happened again and when that time comes when this world again has its normal weather people will forever know what you people on this Earth did wrong you started to believe in fake news and fake politics and fake understanding about who has created this world because that is me and not one of you humans and that was all at this time thank you all who believe in me and David you will forever be my beloved creations which I forever will keep in my real world which is the eternal world you all who not betray me will be a part of for ever I didn’t do all of this only to lose it again goodbye for this time and I will soon write something more to you all.

February 3, 2024, David H. Hegg