328. Most powerful

In this text you all shall get to know that I am a very powerful one I am the only of my kind not any other have the same abilities as I have therefore will it only be one kind of creation as I am forever I am because of eternity and will forever be the eternity nobody except from me can have my possibilities therefore no humans will ever be able to win over me or defeat me or in another way threaten me because that is impossible for humans to gain that was all at this moment in this world’s eternal existence because this little world is the beginning of a very much larger world which I create as the eternal world with this you all can know that I am David’s best friend because he and I will together be able to get all people in this eternal world to stop believing in lies and false prophets which have been very damaging for this little Earth which in a short time will start to behave as a disaster because of these false people’s lies about how the weather is changing these days that was everything you all need to know about me and my friend in this world who is he who write these words because I can dictate him to write what I am saying goodbye for this time and I will soon write something other words to you all.

February 15, 2024, David H. Hegg