329. Some few words

In this text I shall write about me and David for the first time in a honestly way because we two are one from the beginning but have become like two because of how these criminals have influenced both me and David in a very dangerous way for themselves because I am the real creator of David’s human being’s creation and that is why I am so satisfied with him because I have create him by myself and by my different unpleasant relationships with these criminals around in this world it is a pleasure for me to know that now have many other human beings started to believe in me and David because together we have now disclosed this terrible crime these criminals have been doing for nearly 200 years now without any other knowledge about that than by themselves which now is a rule that has been broken by me and my wonderful creation who has been able to lie and listen to these idiots when they thought that he was sleeping but that was only a lie he was listening to every word they said and because of that he became able to recall everything afterwards because in these minutes he understood that he had to wait as long as possible because of what these two idiots were talking so desperately about which among other things was that they had to arrange an air crash to stop David and his family and friends if they started to find out anything now these two idiots are dead and gone forever and will not any longer be able to do any harm to anybody in this world and not in the eternal world either because I have killed them both forever and that is my own duty in this eternal creation of this world to do to everybody who starts to believe in evilness instead of love and that was all at this point in my writings to you all except from them who not want to read a single word of what I write about from now on it will be much more pleasant for me to dictate David my words because all these idiots in this world have now decided not to read a single word more of what I write and that is much better for me to know that I don’t have such idiots among my readers any longer goodbye for this time and I will soon write some more words to you all.

March 2, 2024, David H. Hegg