330. In this text

In this text I shall tell you all who still read what I dictate to David that I am a very powerful one in your world I am the creator of your all humans in this world’s total time already before the world has started to become a real world in your possibilities to understand something of this world which I have created all of before it has started to become a real and visible world you humans can understand something about that was all I have to tell about me and David in this text because this is my eternal power over all the humans before they have started to become real and visible humans and the same is because I also have said to David that what he was able to hear and understand what he could hear these two people talk about after they had succeed in totally failure of their plan with their influences has become my duty to take care of and that has already been fulfilled by me before this world became a real world therefor no humans will never succeed in being more powerful than me and my forever friend who I will take care of forever that was all for this time.

April 11, 2024, David H. Hegg