331. The big boss

In this text a very dangerous one is who I am today because I have said to David that what I today tell you to write is something you must write because I say that you shall do this and David don’t say no to me in this text you shall get to know that what I have said to David a long time ago is that those who want to rule this world with nuclear arms will have to for ever to be punished by my power which is only my power and only I have that power those people will for ever be punished by me with a for ever endless and unlimited pain in their for ever damaged souls by me because I hate all those people and you all know which people who started to make these nuclear weapons and who that was who also used such weapons as their beginning of their world war to gain power over the whole world that is everything I have to say to you all at this point in my career as David’s big boss have a nice day and goodbye for this time I will in a short time tell David to write more.

April 30, 2024, David H. Hegg