332. The large minority

In this text it is one thing I want to tell you all about me and David which is that how he has been able to do this is because I have chosen him to do exactly this and because of that he is mine human in this world for ever because in this world something very strange has happened and that is how you all have been under control of a very large number of a minority of whom you humans are in that way a large number of this minority among the humans have today the power over a much larger majority among all the humans and that is the power of the majority in your world which is under control of the minority of all the humans in this world and if it hadn’t been because of that all the humans in this world should have been under control by themselves but in this world all the humans are together under control by the same minority everywhere around the whole globe and that is what I say is the total democracy for this minority but not for the majority that was all at this point in my career as David’s very much bigger boss than any of you humans ever can be able to understand because it is I who have created both time and distances in your minds and souls goodbye for this time and welcome back to read more of what I will write to you all in a very short time.

May 5, 2024, David H. Hegg