333. Who I am

In this text it is crucial to understand how I have been the one I am today because that started before I was created by myself by the eternity itself which always has been me and because of that I am always existing and I am unable to stop existing in that context I also have to perceive everything I am which is that I am everything which exists that means that everything evil in this world hurts me the same way everything of it hurts my animals and humans in this world and because of that I hate all this suffering and all this poorness the same way as all my creations which also have the same feeling about all this evilness as I have that was everything at this point in my career as your all’s creator both the good ones and the evil ones and those who have turned evil that is how they have betrayed me and my intention with the creation of all my animals and humans which is that it together shall be a nice place for all the creatures forever in a much bigger world than this one for today I understand that the eternal world will come to be true for all my good humans and all the animals I have created all of them together a long time before this world was created goodbye for this time and welcome back to read more from me and my very little friend who has a much bigger friend in me than anyone can be able to understand because I have no limits but all you humans have a limit together all of you and that limit will soon be reached by some of you humans forever.

May 6, 2024, David H. Hegg