335. Luxury trash

In this text it is extremely important to know who I am because this is your last chance to believe in me instead of all the lies you always hear around you everywhere in these days therefor in this text it is only a few words which I shall write to you all that is that this time it is me who say to David that what I tell him to write is what he shall write and nothing else than what I say and in David this is my thoughts in him instead of his own thoughts which I have trained him to understand how is and that is something which only happens once in all of my creations of different worlds which I have much more of than only this one but this one is also valuable for me so therefore I have decided to save this world instead of putting it all in an eternal trashcan forever in this text I will tell you that my name isn’t David my name is the eternal itself and what you all call me by name can be what you like to use because I understand all different names people around the world give me I am an eternal and different part of your all’s reality which is that I ain’t the same as an human which is something important to understand because what I can do is something a human never can be able to understand what is so that is what I will you all shall understand about that only I am that eternal part of your all’s reality and it is I who have created all parts of your time and distances and your eternal meaning of what shall be the meaning of your all’s eternal existence and that is eternal happiness and nothing else than that in that regard it is important to understand that what I say to David is my words and not his in this text it is some hard words which will be said to David that he shall write and I will say that between these words that will be many discussions between David and me which has become his and mine pleasure to continue with forever because we both like to discuss our thoughts to become better to understand each other that is possible for all humans to continue to discuss such themes to understand better what I have decided that this world shall be because it will forever be I who decide what this world shall be and nobody else and that is what this text is about that some of you humans have decided to create another reality than what I have created and these humans say that my reality is poor and not luxurious as their world shall become more and more to be for a few of the humans on this more and more damaged planet which soon will start to become very dangerous for all the animals and humans in this world nowadays because the weather you all depend on is in very danger of being destroyed by what all the humans today are doing around the whole Earth in this text I will tell you all that in the time to come there will be more and more rain and winds from my eternal creation of this world until it has blown away everything which you humans today have created on this planet inclusive all your weapons which will be more and more useless the more I have destroyed them that was all I have to say to you all at this point in time but remember that the more you believe in me and my plan with this world the better it will be for you all in the long term goodbye for this time and I will write some few more words in a short time.

July 9, 2024, David H. Hegg