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► Important is a text I wrote February 18, 2013. At that time I just had got a breakthrough regarding this. Therefore this text is something I wrote immediately after that. The text will in the future, only be interesting; because of how it is possible to see, what I wrote at that time. All my thoughts were in their beginning, they were completely unfinished, and more or less wrong. The last part refers to a few other things, which earlier have been brought in, about this from other sources. October 22, 2014.

In 1986

► In 1986 is a text I wrote June 17, 2004, 'Something Suspicious Has Happened'. It is about what happened in 1986, which ruined the contact between my daughter and me, also the contact between her mother and me. This ruined our lives. This text is essentially correct. It is insufficient, but absolutely not worthless. October 22, 2014.


► Facts has three texts from March 10, 2013. Those two first, which are the latest, are about something I today wonder much about how is. What are these criminals doing? I am not sure. I think that they maybe do something, it is impossible for me to remember; so I only remember something else, because of what has been done against me. But I do not now. The third part, is about the most important I have found out. They have got me to make a note in my notebook in 1976 or 1977, so I later shall believe I have talked to a person I never have seen. This is written when I just had understood that. I am 100 % sure abut this. October 22, 2014.


► Guide has been written fast; March 26, 2013. It is about things I have experienced, regarding how it can be possible to avoid such influences to work in oneself. This is maybe what has happened to me. Even I not have understood what has been done against me, I all these years have worked much against their influence over me, whiteout knowing about what has been done against me. October 22, 2014.


► Hallucination is a text from November 24, 2015, about how hallucinations take control over humans. Humans cannot control their own hallucinations. Hallucinations control humans. These criminals who use mind control, control hallucinations, which control humans. November 24, 2015.


► Energy is a text from December 9, 2015, about how the hallucinations, which arose because of these influences, cause energis. It is possible to get energies against these influences; because of, that the understanding about what it is, causes counter‐energy. It is possible to reduce these influences, and in the end remove them. December 15, 2015.

The memory

► The memory is written January 14, 2016. It is about that these influences with mind control isn’t something you remember, it is something else. These influences don’t work because they are something you remember; they work because something else than the memory, has been influenced. January 14, 2016.


► Misled is written January 20, 2016. It is about how one of the influences against me, has its intention to shield these criminals. It is also about how other influences have their intentions to misled. January 20, 2016.

The reality

► The reality is written January 23, 2016. It is about what I think these influences, by these criminals who use mind control, are doing with us humans on this planet. January 23, 2016.


► Slyness is a text about how these influences go completely along with the influenced person, as if the influences are the person’s oneself. February 8, 2016.


► Extremely is a text about that because these criminals use others, they push things too far. February 8, 2016.


► Freedom is a text about that the written word liberated Man’s mind. This also led to a political liberation. The text also points out how these criminals can realize their insanity; which others only can say, but not realize. February 12, 2016.

A sequence

► A sequence is first and foremost about a short part, which I remember from the beginning of the situation, where I was influenced with these influences. That part indicates that these criminals can have known about me from my childhood. But I cannot be sure about that. February 14, 2016.


► Conquering is a text about that the method with mind control is conquering. It is also about how this method can get people to both remember something, which not has happened; and to forget something, which has happened. March 3, 2016.


► Increasing is a text with some short pieces I remember as something, which were said to me, when I was influenced by these influences. That is about that these influences increase over time. This text also contains different thoughts, and some thoughts about how to counteract such influences. March 9, 2016.


► Analysis is a text about that it is impossible for me to remember how these influences have been done against me. It is also about that it is possible to understand much about these influences, and that helps. March 18, 2016.

Clearing Up

► Clearing Up is ten texts I wrote in January 2017. In the course of these ten days, I found out some important things of when and how these influences were done against me. Here these ten texts are such as I originally wrote them. January 24, 2017.

In 1975

► In 1975 is the same text I wrote December 29, 2017; as the text 200. When it took place, under Miscellaneous. In this text I give an account about what happened the morning I was “influenced”. It is a description of where and how this happened. It is about what happened before the “influences”, a little about something which happened when I was “influenced”, and a little about what happened afterwards. December 31, 2017.


► Factors is a text I wrote October 21, 2018. In this text I write about how what happened against me in 1986 was a series of planned factors. And I write about how I think about doing something with an “influence”. October 21, 2018.

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