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Welcome to my Web site

My name is David Harry Hegg, and I am born in Oslo in Norway June 8, 1955. I am taken up with that some have influenced my mind. I have been taken up with this for more than 30 years now. This has to do with something, which we haven’t thought about what can be. When we know about what it is, then it is possible to understand what this can be. On this web site, I have written much about how I slowly have approached and come nearer to find out about what has been done against me. It is little which has caused much. Almost like a drop in the ocean, which changed the whole ocean.

In March 2013, I understood a key factor, which got me to understand more and more correct, about what had happened. I found out that I had been influenced to remember different things, which never had happened. There have been done quite sly influences against me, but after I understood this key factor, I started to understand about these sly influences.

In January 2017, I found out about the most important I have done till now. To make it easy to find these texts, there are two links to these texts here. These two links are the same, at two places on the web site. The first are ten texts. The second are fourteen texts, with a little more first and last.
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► 93. An excellent example, to 106. The barrier

It also seems as if this is something; which has been done so it shall be impossible to remember, that it has been done against oneself. I will write more about these things here. Keep up with what happens! February 1, 2017.

My daughter, her mother and me; Christmas Eve 1982.
Wednesday, January 15, 1986; we sat exactly as on the picture, and talked just as it was normal for us to do, shortly before the destructive development started.

Updated: May 27, 2024
David H. Hegg

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