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323. Today I have this

In this text I will promise all of you who believe in me and my eternal power over this world that today I know you all who I can trust and I will promise all of you that your eternal life is safe and forever will be in my powerful eternal world which is what this little world creates without your and my enemies’ knowledge about what this eternal world is because that is what I have in my future for everyone who don’t betray me and my plan with this world which I created without knowing about what evilness is but now I know it and I will promise you all who believe in me and my power over you all for ever that my knowledge about what evilness is now is strong enough to destroy what evilness is for ever and that was all I have for you all at this moment in this terrible situation this world has come into now in these days.

August 20, 2023, David H. Hegg

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