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276. For or against

Instead of understanding, I think the “criminals” have “influenced” people to be for or against something they don’t understand.

October 12, 2020, David H. Hegg

277. The words

Now I got this sentence in my thoughts: The “criminals” use thousand untruthful words to hide one truthful word.

First, I thought that I cannot write every thought I get in my head. But after some time, I started to think more about this metaphor, and then I started to think that this is a little bit to write about after all.

This has to do with how the “criminals” develop different expert knowledges and special knowledges, within different subject areas and specialized fields. They can do that by “influencing” all different kinds of people. They typical “influence” for and against in such ways; so that both ways of thinking become wrong. And because of that; different fields are developed under control of the “criminals”. In such ways, they also control how all the critical reactions fail.

The “criminals” can “influence” to developing extensive and complicated wrong understanding; to hide something which is uncomplicated and easy to understand in a brief way. The “criminals” don’t need to know anything about the fields they “influence”; because they can use ways of doing such things which don’t need to be based on knowledge by themselves. The “criminals” can “influence” knowledge without having that knowledge themselves. The “criminals” can “influence” people to both do right and wrong, without having knowledge about what it is about.

This also goes on regarding how people think and talk about different things in the daily life. Because of the “influences”, people talk themselves away from understanding about what they are talking about.

By adding some more thoughts to the first sentence in this text; then this opens up for understanding about that this is an extensive phenomenon, which today can has left its mark on everything we have been taken up with, for a very, very long time now.

In this way, we can say, that the words lead us astray; because of how the “criminals” “influence” us all the time. Therefore this is something important to start to understand about, so that the correct words can become important. I think the “criminals” look at us as social groups, which they can “influence” all of by “influencing” some of us.

October 13, 2020, David H. Hegg

278. A miracle

The fact that the world exists; with plants, animals and humans; is something unbelievable. It proves the fact that something unbelievable exists. The unbelievable is something we don’t know what is, and which we don’t understand. For us, it is a miracle that the world exists. In that way we have got, what for us is a miracle, which humans not has done.

After these thoughts, I will say; that destruction of this world, isn’t due to the fact that humankind exists. It is due to the fact that some people betray humankind, and what humankind really is.

None of the different animals destroy the world. The animals can be dangerous, in that way that they live on eating other living creatures, but they aren’t evil. The animals live after their different natures, which keep up the world in perfect balance. The animals are also different personalities.

We humans exist in this world together with the animals, and we shall not destroy the world either. If we destroy the world, then we are something worse than the animals. And again, I will say; that this is due to the fact, that some people betray humankind, and in that way also the whole world. A betrayal is something people hide; which is what others have to understand, that goes on in such a way. Traitors don’t tell us that they are traitors; they hide it for us by holding their tongues and telling lies.

Because of the “criminals”, this has become complicated; but it hasn’t become incomprehensible. The problem is that these dangerous things are hidden for our knowledge, thoughts and understanding; therefore it is important to find out about it. The “criminals” have got us to begin to think in a self‐destructive way, and in that way, we also destroy the whole world which really is a part of ourselves.

When hidden betrayal and lies have developed for a long time, then an especially problem arises: That is how the volume of such things has been overwhelming. Then the incipient disclosure of it, typical starts with a too little volume, and becomes denied by an overwhelming reaction. This is dangerous, it is something the bad people understand, and the good people have to understand it too. It is difficult to begin to unmask an extensive hidden injustice, it is dangerous also. Clever and honorable people have been punished and pushed out, and even killed; in sly and incomprehensible ways, by trying to do that. The bad people can also be different other wrongdoers, who first of all care about covering up their own different wrongdoings.

Historical developed injustice is a serious problem, because it has developed a reversed understanding about good and bad, based on a long‐lasting historical developed suppression of people. We cannot fail to see how our historical background shows us a constant conflict between good and bad.

October 15, 2020, David H. Hegg

279. Tendencies

Tendencies; are different things I just now got some thoughts about that the “criminals” are taken up with how they can use. I think they can “influence” positive tendencies to be less; and “influence” negative tendencies to be more.

By themselves, people want to make positive tendencies to be more; and make negative tendencies to be less. After have written this, I think that the “criminals” also can be taken up with thinking of new tendencies which not have been among people before.

This will work so that the dynamics of the societies become inverted in negative ways. Think about how many such things these “criminals” have been taken up with in secrecy in all these years. They have secret ideals.

The “criminals” are a secret enemy against the modern ideas about equal human value. I also think they are against understanding about equal balance in the whole nature on the Earth. The “criminals” must have some kind of a pent‐up self‐ gloriously understanding about themselves; and that must has developed in their old previous history, which is something they now hide. They have secret old ideals, and want to destroy our new historical ideals.

October 17, 2020, David H. Hegg

280. Feelings

After the last text; 279. Tendencies, October 17, 2020; I just now, the day after, got some more thoughts. This time I also first thought; that I cannot write every thought I get in my head. But after some time, I started to think more about this.

I thought about; that yesterday I wrote about tendencies, and so I started to think about that it can be something similar with feelings. And that can be about different feelings. I thought that the “criminals” can “influence” so, that feelings become stronger or weaker. I thought about that this also could be regarding all kinds of different feelings. And feelings can be many things; goodwill, ill will, joy, sorrow, tolerance, intolerance, calmness and anger, etc.

I think the “criminals” can “influence” all filings to be more or less according as what it is about, or maybe only some feelings also. The “criminals” can also “influence” people to get irrelevant and unexpected feelings. Such feelings can also be intensified. Feelings can also be “influenced” to become blended together in unusual ways.

Feelings can also be manipulated in different ways. For example; something unimportant, can take the place of something important. Something which doesn’t matter, can take the place of something which matter, etc.

Feelings can be all kinds of emotional reactions.

In this text I only have pointed out this in a quick and brief way.

Something else which came in my thoughts at this moment, is this: The “criminals” don’t value a person and people in the same ways as equal people do. For the “criminals”, there are two different things; regarding what is among themselves, and regarding what is towards others. Between themselves, they have equal human value. Towards others, they look at them with lower human value, or no human value. For example; if one of the other people with lower value do something clever, or makes an all‐out important effort, then that is something the “criminals” have the right of ownership over and power over. This fundamental way of thinking by such people, is reflected in all relevant connections. This is the same as contempt for other people all the time, as something correct in any case. Contempt is also a feeling. Other people only have utility value.

October 18, 2020, David H. Hegg

281. Clarity

After the last text; 280. Feelings, October 18, 2020; I experienced that my thoughts cleared up. I think about that this can have something to do with what kind of society the “criminals” want to have. I think also about that this is something, which can have to do with what it is the “criminals” want, that we shall say, that freedom and democracy are. In that way the “criminals” give positive words a negative intention:

The upper classes have human value, but not utility value.

The lower classes have utility value, but not human value.

The unworthy lower classes shall be of use for the worthy upper classes.

I was out on my newspaper round when I thought this. I thought that I should write it down, when I was at home again, and didn’t do any note. When I was at home again, I had to write it five times, before it became nearly correct again. It didn’t become totally correct again before the sixth time I wrote it again, after I had been sleeping. I experience this as if the thoughts became muddy again, after that I first had experienced, that the thoughts became crisp and clean. Out on the newspaper round I thought that it was like, as if it earlier had been laid a smoke screen over my thoughts, which had cleared up. In that way it became as if my thoughts had been obscured again, before the foggy thoughts became cleared up again for the second time.

Because of this, I now have thought about that the “criminals” “influence” to that the thoughts shall be muddy. For example; they can maybe “influence” to that; “you shall not be able to understand correctly what this is”, etc.

Finally in this text, I think that it can take time to reach clarity in one’s thoughts. First the thoughts can be unfinished, but gradually they can be more finished, and finished.

October 21, 2020, David H. Hegg

282. A lot of problems

To keep all the great and fine which the “criminals” have, people have to be forced to make it to them, because they don’t do that voluntarily.

The power which is used; is the economic system, which slowly develops to a growing power system. This happens in that way; that it all the time describes, as if this is development of freedom and democracy. But that is the opposite of what is true.

The culture of the workers is slowly taken away more and more, so that it in the end isn’t anything left of their culture. Little by little they don’t matter anything more, and they don’t control anything more.

Earlier the community was developed by developing and building up professional knowledge in many different ways. Now the communities are developed by development of the economy, and the professional knowledges disappear. The education of the economy which goes on; is both something people learn, and something they don’t learn. To be qualified is also; that it is something you haven’t learned, and it is something you don’t understand. The education systems have been “influenced” by the “criminals”.

This becomes; that the professional knowledges are removed as practical social building up, and the economy is built up as theoretical power instead. This becomes further; that work doesn’t create the community, it is power which creates the community. The power structure in it all; is something which the “criminals” have, as their hidden power structure.

The community develops by breaking down the original professional knowledge, which originally built up the community. Instead economic power is built up. Development of the community is based on education of people to the economic system, so that it becomes the only thing which matters and controls something. This development furthers the meaning of the economy, and removes practical and functional arrangements.

It develops an inverted situation, of what it all the time is described as. And the explanation of what goes on, becomes all the time to explaining away what goes on.

The development also goes on like this; that we become more and more dependent of how this becomes. In that way this development gets more and more power over us. This becomes: that it is power, which develops. This also becomes; that we become more and more dependent of what it is, which destroy us.

It is also so; that the “criminals” have “influenced” everything, all the conditions, all the different social systems, etc. In that way all comparisons become wrong. Nothing is what we have believed that it is. We become tricked of it all, and comparisons between different communities and systems only become trickery.

Because everything is “influenced”; the clearing up becomes to find out about, and see through the “influences”. Everything we have to deal with, has been “influenced”; therefore we have to find out about, and understand about how this is. It is something the “criminals” want to achieve, and it is something they want to destroy; this has been going on for a very long time now.

One of the things it is possible to understand; is that this development develops system and systems, instead of human coexistence and human coexistences. The systems become also more and more taken care of by computers, and not by people. The systems are built up, and the humanness is broken down and destroyed.

Regarding this, we cannot point out something else of what has happened, as something right or wrong. Regarding this, we have to find out about trickery. We don’t have anything else than trickery to deal with now; when we discover, that this has gone on for a long time.

This is in no way that the development happens by itself. It is a secret plan which is developed, which all the time hides what it is. And this is an evil plan which all the time hides. A plan which slowly achieves something, which we not have understood what is. What the “criminals” are doing, is never anything else than a 100% cynical game with other people, in different ways.

This text is only some fast key words to activate the thoughts. This isn’t a finished working out. For example: What is freedom? In this text, I haven’t written anything about this important and extensive subject. These key words have to do with many things which I haven’t written anything about in this text. Our thoughts about these things have been manipulated, and it takes time to understand about such things. What the “criminals” have been doing have to do with everything. It will be very much work to do to begin to understand about what this is. The “criminals” have got us to experience our reality in a wrong way, and it is much to do to find out about that. We don’t understand all of this in a moment. The “criminals” have made a lot of problems.

October 29, 2020, David H. Hegg

283. Fundamental

It is the fundamental principles about human rights in the modern history, which the “criminals” have changed, turned upside down and crumbled away. It is how these new knowledge and ways of understanding form our ways of living, which the “criminals” have “influenced” to be changed, turned upside down and crumbled away.

The “criminals” have been doing this for a long time now. I think that 1900 can be a relevant time to think about as when this can has been started. But that year, 1900; is only because I want to bring the time long enough back in time. I don’t know when they started with these “influences”.

The time from 1800 to 1900 is also an important historical period of upheaval. This historical period is characterized by how new and right knowledge developed and slowly become important, and spread around in all parts of the communities. After understanding about that, it also becomes relevant to look at the historical period after the Middle Ages, 1500 AD; and till today. That is how important this now has been, in 2020 AD. This is today a period of 520 years. I think the “criminals” have this time frame regarding what they are doing, which is one of the many things they hide for us. How the “criminals” hide how they have different such large perspectives, gives them a kind of dangerous upper hand over us, because we don’t know it, and don’t understand it. They “influence” us to think and live just now.

An even longer historical period is also of importance. The “criminals” have very likely been taken up with that also. That becomes the whole historical period we now have knowledge of and understanding about.

Our knowledge and understanding viewed in the light of that historical perspective, has been taken away from us. It is important that we get that perspective back again in our way of thinking.

This can seems as if this is very much. In that perspective; this can be seen in two ways. First; it is that we get back this timeframe. That is a kind of key‐factor. That can be understood as if we have the possibility to understand in a correct perspective again. The “criminals” have taken that perspective away from us. To get that perspective back again, is something small. This is important to get back again. After that; this opens up for very much. But in the beginning, that is the important thing to understand regarding this. In the beginning; the most important only is to understand this again.

When we have understood this, then we are back in our present time again. And it is of overriding importance to find out about what the “criminals” now are doing. One of the many things they have done; is to remove more and more important details from our historical knowledge and understanding. When such things are removed from our attention; then we don’t know it any longer, and we don’t understand it any longer. We lose the possibility to see the important connections and understand correctly.

The “criminals” have “influenced” us to be fragmented in our thoughts, narrow‐minded and polarized. We quarrel about things which no one of us understands.

The “criminals” “influence” us to believe that we know and understand more and more; but that goes on in a way, where they really take away more and more of our world of thoughts. The “criminals” fill up our minds with meaningless fillings.

I think that the “criminals” mostly have “influenced” everything which has happened from 1900 till today. I also think that they have “influenced” us to only care about this limited period. It all started earlier.

Think about how important the art of movable printing became, invented by Johann Gutenberg 1400 – 1468. Here it also is two parts, not only one. It is the unknown secret libraries which the “criminals” have; and it is the known libraries which we others have.

November 8, 2020, David H. Hegg

284. Something old

One of the things it is possible to understand, that the “criminals” are doing, is that they take the possibilities from people; …the possibilities for work and livelihood. Typical such possibilities become big and powerful properties in different ways. People have to beg for work. This is something old. It is an old instrument of power. This has been going on in an incomprehensible way.

For a long time now today, the “criminals” have camouflaged how they do this, and they use others to do such things. From the beginning of this secret activity by the “criminals”, they have slowly developed their intentions by all the time giving an opposite picture of what goes on.

Something I remember from how I was “influenced” in 1975, is that the person who “influenced” me said; “in the future it shall not be possible for you to work more to get a better life”. That possibility shall be taken away.

November 9, 2020, David H. Hegg

285. Led astray

The “criminals” are a secret enemy of all the countries in the world. What they develop in secrecy; isn’t the countries. They don’t develop the social life and such things. In secrecy they develop something which is their own. What this is, which is their own; can be their own system, which is a kind of power system. This goes on in a way only the “criminals” know themselves. All we others are all the time led astray; we don’t know and don’t understand what it is, which goes on. The “criminals” take control over the world by ruining all the countries’ souls and peoples’ distinctive ways of life. They develop a soulless power system; and abolish human cultural traditions.

November 10, 2020, David H. Hegg

286. The animals

The animals aren’t underdeveloped stupid humans. The animals are highly developed and clever animals. The animals are different from the humans in different ways.

The humans aren’t four‐legged animals, which have stood up and started to walk on their hind legs, and use their forelegs as arms, and their paws as hands. From a technical point of view, aren’t two legs something difficult to make. In some ways are four legs more developed than two legs.

Two‐legged creatures have moved around on Earth even from the dinosaurs’ time. Birds also have two legs for walking, and two wings for flying. For a bird it is usually more important to fly than to walk.

For example, by searching the Internet for a few minutes, I found out this: The world’s fastest land animal is the cheetah, with a supposed speed between 49.7 mph (80 km/h) and 80.8 mph (130 km/h). The cheetah can reach 49.7 mph (80 km/h) in three bounds; that is the same as in a moment. That is a highly developed creature with four legs.

For the cheetah the legs are very important. It hasn’t wings, but when it uses its legs to jump, I think that can be a little flight. The cheetah knows what it can do.

The animals are different highly developed and clever creatures in different ways. The humans have their ways of being. The animals have their other different ways of being.

December 6, 2020, David H. Hegg

287. The last point

Yesterday I remembered something the woman who “influenced” me in 1965 said: “Here I have made a precedence list. The first on the list; is something you for certain can manage to do. The last on the list; is something only God can manage to do, because that is something we shall include in the list. The first is that you shall rather die, than be used by these people. That is something you for certain can manage to do.” I answer; yes, that is something I can manage to do. “And so we have to see how far down on the list you will come, as your life comes to be what it will be. This becomes more and more difficult. ” She said.

I only have remembered the first and the last points. The woman said: “We shall ask God if God will help you with doing the last point. I will not refrain from doing that. And then we have to see if we get any answer.”

Circa four hours ago, out on the newspaper round, I got this message in my mind: “Now the fifth point has been done, and that was the last.”

Now someone will say. Something like that has never happened, so that has neither happened this time either. But …; you shall never say never.

Someone will also say; that a God like that, doesn’t exists. It is only something people have made up. But maybe what really exists, made up this God for the occasion.

God is a word many people use about something they understand that have to exist, which they don’t know what is.

December 14, 2020, David H. Hegg

288. The sexual urge

The “criminals” use “influence” of sex / the sexual urge in all connections in humans’ thoughts, feelings and what goes on in their mind. That is also in all different connections where sex / the sexual urge absolutely not have any natural functions. This is also in ways which not have anything to do with the sexual life’s natural ways of being.

This is sometimes very dangerous. It goes on in ways the humans don’t understand themselves, and they don’t understand what happens with them.

The “criminals” can use “influence” of sex / the sexual urge mixed in, in every parts of the humans’ life; regarding everything they think, feel and do, and in everything else also if that can be something.

To stress how important this is, I will add that sex / the sexual urge can be mixed in, in the most unthinkable connections, by the criminals. And one more time, this is something very dangerous, and that means that it also can be mixed in, in every different dangerous connections. All connections!

It isn’t anything they not can mix in sex / the sexual urge into!

December 17, 2020, David H. Hegg

289. Bergamot

For some days now, I have drunk Earl Grey Tea with bergamot flavoring, with a little bit of a Norwegian Christmas spice drink called Julegløgg added into the tea, this spice drink is made to be added into other drinks (e.g. red wine) for Christmas. There are many different variations of Julegløgg. Yesterday I had a type of Julegløgg with black currant in mind. When I thought about buying one bottle of that, to add it into my Earl Grey Tea, I started to think about adding a little blackcurrant squash instead.

Just now I wanted to make Earl Grey Tea with a little blackcurrant squash added to it afterwards, when it is finished. But when I was doing this, I couldn’t remember the name of this citrus fruit. I looked at the box to find out that the name is bergamot. A short time afterwards, when I still was preparing the tea, I once again couldn’t remember the name of this citrus fruit. One more time I looked at the box to find out that the name is bergamot.

After that, which now must be about four hours, I haven’t had any problems with remembering that it is bergamot flavoring. And I haven’t had any problems with remembering this name bergamot earlier either. I have always remembered this name earlier. I think this is an “influence” by the “criminals”, that I sneakingly shall forget all such things one by one, until I slowly have forgotten everything in my mind.

Now I have thought about that it can be, that such “influences” stop, when they have to give up. Now I think that this has shown, that such “influences” have to give up, when you make it impossible for them to succeed.

It is important to find out about what can stop such “influences”. For example; if you think about and care about what the “influence” want, that can make the “influence” stronger and stronger. Maybe it is possible to get the “influences” to lose their power inside us. I think that it is possible to manage that, but the “influences” are sly things, and they are in different ways. But I think it is possible to find out about to manage to stop them.

Such “influences” sometimes manipulate the considerations inside people etc. But “influences” are more than that. But I think it is possible to stop all of them, if we find out about them and find out about how to stop them.

Regarding this “influence” about bergamot, I think the “influence” had to give up. And that becomes; that the “influence” had to give up, and not I. I didn’t have to give up, it was the “influence” which had to give up.

For a long time now, I have thought that one such thing, as this, which now has happened with me regarding Earl Grey Tea; that means a lot more also. But it is always necessary to stop the “influences” in different ways. Only to know about them is very much. To know about them is the most important of all.

December 20, 2020, David H. Hegg

290. Light a candle

Light a candle this Christmas and New Year’s festival, for her who totally alone found out about all of these terrible things. Without her, this hadn’t been possible. And it had never happened without what she has done for you all, and for the whole world. So light a candle for her!

December 20, 2020, David H. Hegg

291. The intention

After I found out what happened with me in 1965, it is as I was “influenced” to only remember what happened in 1975. I shall not remember what happened in 1965. It is what happened in 1975, which is important to find out about what was. What happened in 1965, isn’t important to know what was.

For me; what has happened in 1965 has changed continuously, until it has been impossible for me to understand anything about it. What happened in 1975 has been possible for me to find out something about. This is also that the intention with what happened in 1965, is that I shall use time on what happened in 1975, and not use time on what happened in 1965. That is the intention with what happened in 1965. I understand that I shall not try to find out what happened in 1965, that will only cause incomprehensible confusion.

December 28, 2020, David H. Hegg

292. Evil joy

Evil people’s malice, is these people’s means to achieve what is evil people’s goodness. Evil people’s goodness; is their selfish joy, which becomes their experience of selfish goodness. In this way evil people can experience the evil as their selfish goodness. Evil people can together with one another, share their evil joys with one another. This becomes; that evil people’s evil joys become their selfish evil goodness.

The malice is sly and false against the goodness, so that the good people don’t understand what the evil people are doing. The malice hides oneself as something different than what it in the reality is. The malice is something totally fixed and real, which the evil people hide what is, so that the other people not shall understand what their malice really is. It is something concrete and actual, which it is possible to find out about, and understand about all of it. But instead; the word malice is used to hide what malice is.

Malice, slyness and falseness are different sides of the malice’s complexity, because; the interplay between these different terms is what does that the good people don’t understand, how the evil people manage to trick them and use them. Today the people don’t have understanding about what malice really is, and that is because malice is much more complicated and made up than a one‐sided and simple word.

The malice don’t want that people shall understand what the word malice means, and that is how that word means something much more made up and complicated, than a simple word, which not any people understand what really means. That word means trickery, slyness, falseness and cunningness; put into a complicated and artful pattern, which not any other than the malice themselves shall know and understand what is. Because the evil people present themselves as good, and that is because they want that other people shall be tricked to believe on malice as their goodness, instead of sly and false malice.

So far as down to here in this text, this has now been understood as something much more difficult to find out about, than an abstract term which no one understands what means. This abstract term, which all the time has been the word malice, is a word people meet when they meet the malice’s sly and false trickery. Malice is something much more than an incomprehensible abstract term, and something completely factual. Malice is something cunning and false trickery, which it is necessary to find out correct about what is, and not continue to believe that is something incomprehensible.

Malice is something comprehensible which it is necessary for all the people in the world to start to understand correctly about what is. This text is only a little to begin with in that coherence. It is absolutely necessary that we come behind the word malice, and start to find out totally correct about what it is which really hides behind this sly and false word malice. Malice tricks the goodness, to believe on malice as goodness. This is very old, but once there was that this evil came into the reality of the humans, and from that time this evil has only ruined. Initially the evil didn’t exists, only lack of judgment and foolishness, but that isn’t malice. No humans are born evil. Malice doesn’t exists in this world’s whole created creation. Malice is something which ruins the whole world.

Lack of judgment and foolishness is something much less dangerous than malice. But of course the malice is very pleased with being able to use all the lack of judgment and foolishness it can manage to develop here in the world. In that way lack of judgment and foolishness become the dangerous malice’s conditions of existence.

In this text this has only been pointed out; that malice is something complex and concrete, and not something incomprehensible and abstract. It requires much time and work to find out correctly about this. And that has to go one in ways where the malice don’t have the possibility to contribute; to distort and divert everything which happens, and in other ways all the time think of ways of ruin it.

January 2, 2021, David H. Hegg

293. Truth and lie

The lie can work in three ways:

1) Silence about lie.

The lie can be hidden. That becomes that the lie is hidden. Then others don’t understand anything. This is silence about lie.

2) Lie about lie

The lie can be put forward and be explained as truth. That becomes that a lie about the lie has been put forward; because it is one more lie that the lie is truth. Because a lie is put forward as truth, the truth which has been put forward is a lie. That becomes that the truth is false truth, which is the same as a truth like that in reality is a lie. Then others understand something which isn’t true. This is lie about lie.

3) Truth about lie

The lie can be put forward and be explained as lie. That becomes that the truth about the lie is put forward. This also becomes that the lie is explained and unmasked. Then others understand something which is true. This is truth about lie.

The truth can also work in three ways:

1) Silence about truth

The truth can be hidden. That becomes that the truth is hidden. Then others don’t understand anything. This is silence about truth.

2) Truth about truth

The truth can be put forward and be explained as truth. That becomes that the truth about the truth is put forward. This also becomes that the truth is explained and unmasked. Then others understand something which is true. This is truth about truth.

3) Lie about truth

The truth can be put forward and be explained as lie. That becomes that a lie about the truth is put forward. Because a truth is put forward as a lie, the truth which has been put forward becomes a lie. Then others understand something which isn’t true. This is lie about truth.

In this text it is possible to understand that truth and lie can work in different ways. It is possible to understand much more around this topic. This text is only some few keywords regarding this. It is possible to find different angles to find out about this. It is important to find out more and realize thoroughly how this works.

January 6, 2021, David H. Hegg

294. The creation

The humans are creatures which are more developed than the other creatures on the Earth. To be more developed isn’t to be the only creation which is developed in the creation of the Earth. The Earth is a whole creation where it all in different ways is an interplay between highly developed creatures. This is far more than the humans ever can manage to find out of why has been done in this way. This has been done in this way to give possibilities for the infinity of diversity and possibilities which is the meaning with this whole creation. This is something which some humans can destroy, but of course aren’t these humans representative for all the humans. Because the humans aren’t a creation which can develop away from being what they are created to be.

January 11, 2021, David H. Hegg

295. Love

Why has the word love become an abstract word, which means something no one any longer understands what is? It is because the humans who take of others’ love, not any longer understand what this word love really means. That is because they want to have of it, instead of giving of it together with others, who also give of it. If this is how it shall be, then everybody both gives and gets of each other’s love. This is the wonderful interplay which the humans are created to give and get from one another in the eternal existence they want to believe that exists. It is therefore this word love today has lost its glow and its sheen of the wonderful which the dance of life really is.

January 15, 2021, David H. Hegg

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