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296. Holy…

What is holy for a human? The holy for every single human, is that truth which hides inside every single human; about whom that is, where it comes from and what is the meaning with every single human’s life. This is the most valuable for every human, which is the cause for, that oneself exists. Where does this spirit inside the humans come from? That is the mystery all humans know that has to exist one place, but where that place is; is something they never will find the answer to, for that is a secret only that one which know that, knows about. And which one that one is; will no one at any time get to know.

January 16, 2021, David H. Hegg

297. What evil is

Now I have thought of writing some few words about why the evil is the enemy of the good. The evil is the enemy of the good because it is the best friend of the good to be its enemy. That is because the good is the best helper of the evil in everything which the evil want to get carried out and done.

This has to do with our social nature and its natural behavior which is to be a whole society and not divided ethnic groups, races, social classes and the like. This natural behavior is what we can call the whole nature of the human spirit.

This short text is only a few words to begin to come out of the deadlocked hopelessness it is to not understand what evil is.

February 15, 2021, David H. Hegg

298. About Nora

Her I want to write a few words about Nora; who is the woman who found out everything about what this crime which uses “influences” as its method, is.

Nora has all her life never been anything else than an ordinary human here in the world who her whole life has wanted the good against the evil which she already as a child understood that was the most important for all people who wanted to take away the evil from the world to find out about what could be. Because of that she has her whole long life been willing to do whatever it could be to really find out about why something as evil as the Second World War could happen in this otherwise so peaceful magnificent creation as she would have said that the whole world is. With that has everything which is needed to be said about Nora for ever been written down and finished for ever.

February 21, 2021, David H. Hegg

299. What I believe in

Just now I sat and thought about everything, which has happened with me, regarding all of this; which has to do with the crime with these “influences”. There have been many years. It is correct to say that it has been since 1986, and that is now 35 years. In all these years I have been focused on what is inside my mind, that has been ever day these 35 years. Because of this, I have learned to understand much about my inner mind and how it works. That is because of what has happened with me. Just now I thought about, that what I believe in, that is; that this hadn’t been possible for a human to manage, it is something which we humans call God, or something similar, which has made this possible for me to manage. No human could have managed to come through this like I have done, that is completely impossible.

March 7, 2021, David H. Hegg

300. Lonely

Man’s guilt is a difficult subject. That is because it cannot be said to be true that it is humankind’s guilt, that they are created; but it can still be said that it is correct, that it is Man’s own guilt everything they do, as they not are created to believe that it is right of them to have the right to do, which is all the evil, which the humans up to this day have done here on Earth. This is an introduction; which it in this text only very shortly will be given some few keywords about what imply for all humans who are created at all times.

In this text it will be mentioned to connections which are important for humankind’s eternal existence. The first is that the humans have responsibility for everything they understand what is which has been done earlier, and for everything they understands themselves that they are doing by themselves. The second is that the humans have guilt for everything they understand by themselves, that they do evil and wrong against everything and everyone, which exist in this world, which they forever are created to have the responsibility for totally alone without someone other’s help with everything they are able to do here in the world.

March 14, 2021, David H. Hegg

301. A quality

A quality which exists here in the world is the intelligence of humankind. The intelligence of humankind is only one of many different qualities which is created here on Earth. This quality isn’t in any way the sustainable and the most prominent quality which exists, but only a little intellect which some people have started to think that is their superior quality over all other qualities which exist at all.

The humans have started to destroy what intelligence really is. The humans have started to create their own understanding about something they have started to call intelligence, but which really has been their own creation which truly really rather shall be called the stupidity’s creation of the stupidity’s hell’s assholes.

Intelligence is namely a much more compounded and heterogeneous quality, than the little stupidity the humans themselves have started to transform their intelligence to be today. This is something which is totally terrible, that this has started to happen; that the humans start to use their indifferent intellect to believe that they have been the creator of the whole existence’s complete perfectness totally without understanding what they have started with themselves, because their own created intelligence has been their worst foolishness.

What we can call mathematical intelligence is only one side of what intelligence as a whole is. As a whole intelligence namely has many sides, which each of them and together in different ways is something totally different than today’s foolishness put into a simple silly system.

Different sides of intelligence can we say that are different sides of the creative power of the intellect, which is its actual intention, namely to crate intellect and not foolishness.

March 14, 2021, David H. Hegg

302. The money

This is an introduction to a new and very important subject in the work I just now only have started with doing here in the world. This time; this subject is about something extremely serious, and that is that the humans’ creative power has developed in conflict with the real created world. This is so important and serious; that in this text only the most important of it will be mentioned, which is the causes for that the humans have started to develop evil. This cause is named money and the money’s power over the abilities and possibilities of the humans in such an extent that it totally has gone wrong. With that; is this for the present what will be written about this terrible important subject.

March 16, 2021, David H. Hegg

303. What freedom is

What freedom really is; is an experience of whom oneself is who really exists who is one that no one controls over as another’s power or property, but instead only is free as a completely natural and correct experience of getting to live as a free human, because that is the only thing which the humans are created to getting to do. No one has any time been allowed to by one’s creator to start to own or control over what other humans really is and shall get to be.

March 21, 2021, David H. Hegg

304. In this way

This time it only is a little text about something quite simple which is well known but still totally impossible for the humans to manage to be what they want here on the Earth, and this time this phenomenon namely is named nuclear war of the worst of all kinds which can be thinkable to be possible that will happen if this text isn’t taken seriously of all people who live here on this planet which is named the Earth. That nuclear war will 100 % for sure happen that day the “criminals” have been able to revenge themselves on all them who started to ruin for their power over the whole world and everything which exists on this planet. The only way to hider that nuclear war, is to take care of as fast as possible that it not exists a single nuclear weapon left which is possible for humans to use on this planet any time more from now on which is today Wednesday March 24, 2021. If this warning isn’t given the very most seriousness, that nuclear war will one day happen. In this way it will become that this will be from today and will continue to have to be for all future here on this planet, because the evil in the humans can’t only be removed for ever, it must all the time be understood better and better forever, and eternal time is what this has to do with, because the eternal is what this world belongs to, and not something temporary.

March 24, 2021, David H. Hegg

305. For ever

This text is about a little but still powerful small phenomenon here on the Earth today, which is named the nuclear weapons’ secret intentions and meanings which only they who know about these really intentions with these weapons know what really is for kind of weapons namely weapons of another dimension than their real weapons which they daily are so used to that they are able to carry out the necessary cruel and evil with her on the Earth now for more than 10 000 years. Do you know what these really meanings for the nuclear weapons’ are you? No. But here you shall get to know it you. Their real intensions are: 1.) To be able to suppress the population of the whole world under the capitalistic supreme authority in a way the humans never shall be able to change more. 2.) To be able to develop a system on the Earth where ordinary people develop to only be suppressed humans under nuclear weapons’ forever existence over their free souls so that they never are able to be these free souls’ creations here on this planet more. And so in the end comes this: The day these weapons are used by these humans’ evilness, it will be that one who have dictated this to David who control them all together totally exactly to bring humankind back to the Stone Age. Because with this is that been said which you need to get to know to understand why David always is so glad with a smile in his face, that is because he knows who I am who have dictated him this, and so he knows that to come back to the Stone Age isn’t the worst which can happen with the humans on the Earth. Because the worst which can happen with the humans on the Earth knows both he and I who says to him what he shall write, that is that the humans only become more and more evil all the time without to believe that this evilness at any time will have its last day. This has David written because he has learned to understand what I say to him that he shall write, and that is because I have wanted to help him with carrying out his plan, which not is my plan, which is that the humans of their own free will shall begin to want to do right that day they understand the seriousness in being created by someone who have created them to be and become what they are created to still be forever, and nothing else at any time forever.

March 27, 2021, David H. Hegg

306. This you shall get to know

Now I have this message to all readers of this Web Page which is named David H. Hegg’s Web Site that from now on it depends on all of you if it shall be possible to hinder that nuclear war which the “criminals” have planned that shall come, because that one who dictates this have as one’s ambition to help David to gain exactly what he want, which is to hinder that nuclear war. This shall you get to know from me and my contact with David, which exactly is his unexampled effort for you all in this world. He namely want to help you all he only, and nothing else. It is me who dictates this to him, who knows and understands so very much more than him and you all.

May 4, 2021, David H. Hegg

307. This is serious

This time it is only me who dictates you shall care about here in this text because it is me who is that one who can help you to avoid that the whole world becomes destroyed of nuclear waste after a nuclear war which becomes so far too much pollution and radiation and nuclear falsification that you in the end have to realize that you never should have trusted people any time who said to you that this is necessary for that it shall be peace in the world because that is pure lie only.

May 6, 2021, David H. Hegg

308. Just now

In this message it shall be written that I who dictate David from today have taken over this mighty Web Site and made it to mine and only I have the right to write and formulate something on this Web Site from now on with that has this now been published in the whole world and today comes another messages more and that is that I from today have the power I need to achieve what I want with that is this what I want to write here and now.

May 6, 2021, David H. Hegg

309. In this text

In this text it is about two important systems which you all have to learn about and understand properly and thoroughly and that is this one thing that you too easily start to believe that you have the correct view because it is yourselves you believe in and the next is that you too easily start to believe in others who have started to believe in themselves because you believe in others who talk to you with great understanding about that they by themselves know what is correct and the best for you all together except me who you don’t know that have you all in my binoculars all the time namely.

May 8, 2021, David H. Hegg

310. Now you know today

Today I shall write to you because I want to give you credit for how those of you who have taken what I so far have written to you seriously and thoroughly because in this long and thorough text this little by little can become is what you all together who now develop what I write here on this Web Page because I am that one who know what you are able to manage if you only get a little help from me who know everything about you all and much more than that only to have indicated that I never show who I really am or what I am because that is the secret I keep forever about you all except for David who is my loyal assistant helper because I need him to what I now are doing and because he did all he did to help you all without any other aims with it than to manage to help you all except those he became taken up with that only ruin for you all with that is this now been published so go on only with planning and thinking and I will like that you start to write your own texts which you think about totally by yourselves you all my loyal assistant helpers you shall get to be forever all of you who start to care about this in a responsible and orderly way because you understand what this is about which is that the whole world will be totally destroyed of all the wrong things the humans have started to do now today and here you shall get to know what my assistant helper has thought about exactly this totally by himself and that is that we humans can create whatever it can be within our possibilities and that means that we also can start to create something which becomes totally wrong and catastrophic destructive for both ourselves and the whole world and with that you know that like that you all are able to start to think your own very important thoughts about what you now have got to know from me who dictates David to write exactly what here has been written and now he has been so exceptionally clever to that so no one need to doubt that anymore that he will come to manage all of it which will be neeed.

May 13, 2021, David H. Hegg

311. Today I shall write

Today I shall write to you all who have taken this so seriously that you now have been worried about if there will be a nuclear war or not and it will not be any nuclear war but that depends on that you all start to do what you can manage to do yourselves for that it not shall be any nuclear war because this isn’t any message or order it is one longed‐for wish in you all about that it not have to be that day when everything in the world becomes destroyed forever and always and with that shall you get to know by me who dictates this to David that you all are welcome to the eternal paradise you wonder if exists but that is actually nothing else than the eternal existing’s eternal universe by creation all the time until it all one day is finished but that is more than one billion years multiplied with itself one billion times more so with that you also know that this Earth has to do with eternal circumstances which are depending on that this world not becomes destroyed too early in what this is one’s development which isn’t anything else that a wish about that something have to exist forever because otherwise I always will miss what I have created if it not continues forever so with that you all know who have taken this seriously that I here today have given you this promise that it shall not be any nuclear war if you only do what you can manage all of you.

May 14, 2021, David H. Hegg

312. A betrayal

Today I only have this message to you all and that is this soon it comes a terrible hurricane to you a place in the world and that is because you have betrayed what I once said to you.

May 18, 2021, David H. Hegg

313. For ever

In this little text it is only a little more which shall be written about David Harry Hegg’s incredible and strange life already as only three years old of age was he namely classified as a unbelievable gifted little child with abilities and talents far above his at that time development level this was talked about everywhere around him where someone knew about him and his parents who both were classified as only totally ordinary workpeople who nothing should have to say here in this country or somewhere else in the world with that is this little text only a warning to all who think it is you humans who have the power to rule what it is which has something to say in the eternal existence’s eternal existence because there it is I who dictate this also to David who has the power over what shall be and become and so comes this in the end it is I how really can kill and I can kill forever and not only for the little life you have here on this little globe which is to understand as nearly nothing but the little it is is even of such high value that I let this little boy here who once promised me to give everything for me and my intention with the whole world that little protection it is for me that everyone who tries to hurt him will be killed forever.

July 9, 2021, David H. Hegg

314. This is David

In this text I only want to point out that what has happened with David didn’t start in 1975 but in 1959 when he and his parents planned to move to a new and better place for them to live and after that comes this that on this picture which is taken today I have got David to take this picture of himself so his daughter shall get this to know from me here where I am a totally other place than here on the Earth that forever has she always her best friend in her father and in her mother and in me here who is named God when David and I talk together because when we do that I have said to him that he can call me for what he want but God is of course something he is used to that something like this is named with that is this it all here for today.

► Larger picture in separate window.

July 10, 2021, David H. Hegg

315. Commander‐in‐chief

In this text is this the essential that all what David has done now has been hopeless destroyed by those who have wanted to destroy what he has managed to be able to gain in his own work through all these years where he has managed to find out about what had happened with himself and his nearest family and friends here on this planet which is the most beautiful of all my creations I have made and from now on it is me who got his help and not him who have mine help because this is only a little message about how this now has been here on this planet where it from now on and through an endless future for all you humans here on this Earth will only be a terrible weather damage all around in the world until I have reached what is mine plane which not at all is David’s plan because his plan was that all the humans should get the information from him which should have given them the help they needed to be able to do what had been necessary for all the humans on this planet to do because you cannot let other humans begin to be your God here on this planet because that is impossible for some of you humans to be able to be forever and that is all I want to say in this message because it is dangerous for you all that some of the humans have started to believe that they can be your God for ever on this Earth because you are not created to be like that and that is because of that betrayal against me who really is your God or let us say creator because that is what I am and today you all who have been reading these texts thoughtfully and honest shall get to know a little about what this planet and this universe really is it is an experience of human knowledge which I have created for you all so you should be able to learn about what I have created for you and about what I have had in mind with that and from now on are you my very god friends and helpers all of you except those who only are false and betray me all the time except when they are hones to one another about how false they are because that is what I know every single word about and from now on is David my helper and I am your God who will guide you through all these difficulties this will be for you all except for those who die because when they die they come free for this material which this is which is the early stage in the creating of what I have been creating for a very long time in this way in many worlds in many universes in such a time frame that it is impossible for you all to understand how long time that has been but today you who have believed in David also can believe in me because what David says to me is that what I say to him is from such a clever voice in him that he believe I am what I say that I am and with that you all know that he is the one all the humans in this world can believe in that never will betray you all because that has been his own wisdom through all these years that he has to prevent enteral pain on this planet but that shall never happen because I have all the power I need not only him but you all who now believe in this can rely on that with these last words this short text has been written under my command over David in that way that he listen to what I say inside him and only write absolutely correctly what I say he shall write for David isn’t a robot he is a living human who forever will have me as his commander‐in‐chief and never will some other be able to chance that regarding him and me good luck! for you all and remember that the death is only the beginning for the eternal life for you all who I can trust so much that it is possible for me to give you eternal life goodbye for so long and soon I shall write more for you who care about what this can be.

July 27, 2021, David H. Hegg

316. A few advices

In this text it will be given a few advices about what will happen in the time to come it will be terrible weather changes which really is weather damages and in that regard it will be necessary for you all to change how you are able to survive on this planet which you all have damaged so terrible also even you hadn’t wanted to do that because what you all have had to reach have been money and money in all thinkable possible ways which have been possible for you to gain and that have been so terrible damaging for this world that from today on and through the future it now will be more than three million years before this planet again will be as it once was created to be and if you think that I have been proud of what I have created when I have created such a damaging race of humans you are totally wrong I blame myself for have created such a terrible damaging and evil race of humans that I never will do I again for the eternal time and with that you now such a anger and rage that you cannot understand how furious I am both for what I have done by myself with creating you but also for how bad some of you have been all the time through all these ten thousands of years which you all only get to know that are fantastic achievements by those humans who have done so much evil and bad as they have done all the time through these thousands of years on this planet which only are evilness and evilness all the time and nothing to be proud of at all when you now have to be more prudent and careful with what you are doing you shall get a little to know about what that must be for the almost of all is that you have to care about something else than money and money all the time because that for money you cannot buy you anything at all in the end of these three million of years and for the second you have to start to believe in that you all have to care about how to work and create what you need by your own work and not by suppressing and gain money by putting other people down and down and only lie about what you are doing all the time with this I have written a little bit more and in the end I have written all you need to know through these three million of years and the time after that for the eternal future here on this planet the next after this is that I am not furious about what everyone of you are doing some of you are very good humans and I like your behavior very much so I am not angry about everything which has gone on for this is the end with this text that I am not angry about everything you humans have achieved here on this planet you have also surprised me about how much good and fine you have been able to achieve with that I say goodbye and good luck! for this time.

July 30, 2021, David H. Hegg

317. In this text

In this text I have decided to tell you all about my decision about how this earth shall survive the tragedy you all in different ways have decided to let happen even you all know it will be dangerous for all the humans after you all today when all the damages you now have decided to let go on evolve even you know it will damage the whole earth this decision is that this earth will on day nearly has died about all the necessary things you all now know that are of almost totally importance for the living species on this planet that will be that the earth first will be to all degrees too warm and after that to all degrees it will be too cold and after that the earth will start to prepare to begin to live again and after that it will be possible for all the species on this planet to live here for the rest of this planet’s life which is too much long for you to recognize how long it will be then it will in this text be this which becomes my goodbye for you all in this beautiful world you all too much have taken for granted that will survive all your damages too much and to long ago you saw that you had to change your behavior but you didn’t and now it is too late and then I wish you all a very happy Christmas even I know that all about Jesus Christ is a very evil lie written by an very evil man who you all can find out who was and then I also shall tell you that a man called Jesus has really lived for a long time ago and it is exactly him that religion want to hide so nobody shall start to think about why that man has been so terrible lied about and so I in the end shall tell you all who really want to help me and David with saving this world that that will be that all you who do that you help me and David to save the real world which is the eternal world which is another world than this which you all who help us whit that will have your part in for ever so don’t be afraid because I am a very dangerous one just now but I am not an evil one happy new year also to all my new and old beloved friends and allied to you all be happy with your own and one another’s existence on this planet which is here to prepare for the eternal world which you all belong to who not betray me and my plan with this world’s intention which is to create happiness and goodness so every single species can live each own life in happiness of being created by me happy new year again and goodbye for now but I shall write more again in some few months from now on.

December 20, 2021, David H. Hegg

318. Hope and glory

This is the upper level of power here on this planet and from now on that power will be in charge for the future to come in many billions of years before I let you humans become free as you one day will be again when this is finished and completed for from now one I have the power over you all except for you who are the kindest and the best of your kind with that has this introduction been written and here becomes the rest of it in this text shall I tell you about how these experiments with hypnoses started from its beginning that was a psychiatrist who started with his experiments in 1832 and continued with that until 1834 when he had become a well‐known psychiatrist regarding how to control the human mind in other humans than oneself in that way that he had been working with these experiments for a quite long time before 1832 also but these experiments were top secret information which only a few people knew about how dangerous had begun to be and therefore that was those people how decided to keep that secret for themselves and only tell about it to others who they could trust regarding to handle these knowledge in a proper way as they seemed to care about how should become in the future which they talked to one another about that should be kept as a secret for the entire world forever and that becomes which today is to keep going on with preparing for that the whole world shall be under control of the capitalistic system regarding everything which has to do with living creatures as animals plants and humans and with that is this now been published which is something they who decided not to do anything with these criminals’ crime have decided to keep for their own secret for the rest of time here on this planet which I now shall tell you all about what shall become and here I shall start to dictate David something I force him to write instead of saying to him what I want that he shall write because this will become very awful and dangerous for you all here in the world for a very long time from now on because today it is too late for you all to prevent these destructions these experiments now have caused from happen because after the first experiments these people continued with their experiments for the time to come until today when they now know that all these experiments have ruined the whole Earth and the whole population of animals plants and humans on this planet and here is what will happen for now on the whole planet it will soon start to prepare for to continue with these experiments until you all know how dangerous it is for you humans to try to become me who now has decided to punish everyone who continues with these experiments in one way or another in that way that they all shall become to lose their entirely life no matter how they have decided to use these capitalistic knowledge in different ways because these knowledge are only an evil way of managing to get more and more power over other humans’ minds and souls in a way which is so evil that I from today on never will forgive those who want to continue with that in some way or another because these information of how to control the humans’ spirits is so dangerous and evil that I will never forgive those who from now on continue wanting to do that when they now know about how that has become possible for them to do like it has become here on this planet today because for today on these experiments will continue to develop in ways you never can do anything about because it has to do with how this living planet has been created by me to become a very solid and kind and good planet for all species which are living here as their preparation for the entirely life in the entirely world every one of them without any exception for none of them except them who have decided to laugh about what they now know that David had decided to tell everybody on this planet about what he had discovered expect to me who knew about what he was doing all the time so I from that day he became aware of these experiments with such knowledge has been under my control all the time and will become to be like that until he has finished my use of him here in this world where it is me who have the supreme power and no one else can take that power from me who now has dictated David to have to write this in this way so everybody who know about this from now on know the consequences of being so evil that they want to continue with something which from the beginning had its origin in slavery and the intention they started with was to create a power which in the end had made all the people except themselves to become their slaves in the whole world and that is what these people have continued with until today but today they recognize that they have made a great mistake in publishing their own sympathy for the capitalistic system in a way which shall become the eternal future for this world which is my world and no one else have that power over this world as one’s property than me and David which forever is my best friend among all the species I have created because he understood this in a correct way from the beginning of his short life on this planet when he learned from his parents to be found of everything the nature around him is with that has this been published for you all to know that to be found of everything the nature is that makes a person to be kind and good for ever.

January 2, 2022, David H. Hegg

319. In eternal time

In this text I shall disclose what it is which really is the capitalistic system’s most secret and hidden method which only a few humans know what is and what it means for this eternal world’s future and development in eternal time in the future namely that the capitalistic system’s most efficient cultural ability is to abuse how humankind has been created to be in my reality which I have created to you humans and all the other animals of unlikely kind and with different abilities and ways of being and ways of living this creature which today can be named the capitalistic system’s ruined human creature does not have any really right or given intention over my intention with it which is love to one another and the whole world it lives in – today shall I really disclose for you who I look at as my really friends in this creation which is named the Earth’s eternal world by the power which I today shall give you all your wanted answer of what really is namely the eternal’s want after a world to have as one’s own eternal existence of what I am which today is named God the Almighty Creator of everything which in eternal time will be my worlds all of them also this one which today is named the Earth’s eternal want for really to find out what it is which really is what does that you humans exist and what it is which is God’s intention with this which today looks like as the Earth’s really intention is to always again and again to have to be ruined with everlasting more catastrophic and terrible consequences which this time shall be the last ruin and after that shall this world for ever be under my command and no other’s command any time more for eternal time from today when this is exactly dictated to that one I have chosen for you from an eternal kind of the humans which not will be here before two hundred billion years from today.

August 2, 2022, David H. Hegg

320. In this text it is me

Here I have this to say to my followers that I today have reached a legendary amount of followers which have confused me with their continuous blaming on me that I never change my attitude of being a very powerful but not a very constantly existing God in this stupid world I have created which this people shall make much better than I have created it and after that continue to write about me as they find it best for themselves to do with this I shall write this today I have some pictures taken by me of David in his home here where he and I live a very peaceful and gentle life together where we always find a gentle way to be together which always has been his and mine way of being in this context it is by me exactly this I want to show to his daughter and her mother that together with David they will find back to their own real life again and with that I have finished this text which this time is written by me which has been dictated to David by me because all of you people here in this beautiful world created by me which some of you people only want to destroy even more than you already have done that all of you and every single one of you always will be me who has been every one of you both one by one and together for ever if you don’t betray me which is that you one by one betray what I have decided that a human shall be forever they who do that will I take away one’s eternal life which every one of you have been created with from the beginning and now I am finished with this comment with this eternal statement I am forever the supreme power and I can do what I want and need never to beg for anything at all.

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► Larger picture in separate window.

► Larger picture in separate window.

June 25, 2023, David H. Hegg

321. Today I say this to you

Today I write this text which David writes exactly as I say to him to tell you that I am the real power over this world which is your and mine eternal world for ever because this world is only a little part of how I create something out of nothing by making two parts out of nothing so the one part depends on the opposite part and therefore is this world only the world I create the eternal world of by letting live and let die and only I decide when this world shall die and the eternal world for ever shall live with this you who understand who I am have got this to know from me who have chosen David by myself and not in the opposite way I have chosen David to do this for me within all my animals and humans I now have finished all of them for ever already before this universe was created therefore you who believe in me can be sure of that I have the necessary power over everything I create and after all of it is finished that will be like that for ever here I have a little thing to think of for my followers who believe in me and that is that for money you never get what you want and you only become tricked by them who use money as their power to control you all and use you after their own will in the end this will be something all humans understand about for ever but still there will be some time before that has been the constant situation regarding the trickery which money has been since it first appeared in this so‐called western civilization which only is development of this trickery and not the development of humankind which I have created to live in freedom and peace with one another for ever and one day that has become the situation for this little world also and not only for the eternal world which always has to be like that otherwise I kill those forever who don’t respect the upper power I am for ever and with that I only will say to all who have started to understand what this is about that every one of you is very valuable for me one by one I love you and that was all for this time.

July 25, 2023, David H. Hegg

322. Tell your love

Very first in this text I want to tell you who now believe in David and me that I love you all and that was all about such things which is that I always will be your protection against your enemies forever because I always will be the same as I always have been in an eternal world of love and pleasure forever because that have been what I have created this world to be forever that was my intention from the beginning with creating such a world like this and now I understand that I will succeed in being proud of my humans which I have created by my own love and pleasure forever and now I will tell you all that today I understand much more about you all than I did some weeks ago because now you have started to understand what I want to inform you all about that my world is for my own humans which I have created and not for humans who have betrayed me inside themselves by betraying themselves which in reality was me but isn’t that any longer after they have betrayed me inside their own thoughts and feelings in themselves therefore you who don’t do that for ever shall be my very special guests in my eternal world which I created before I created this little world to begin with then you can understand how I do my things I begin both from the beginning and from the end at the same time because it is me who create time before I did that no time had existed anywhere in this universe which never had been existing without my creation of it forever will I be your guide inside you all and every one of you to protect you from doing those mistakes you from now on can’t be doing any longer because my enemies is inside other humans who hide inside themselves how they hide what they have done with themselves which is to betray their own heart and feelings.

August 7, 2023, David H. Hegg

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