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Texts 6 · 2020 · 1

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249. The dog

In the text “247. Enemy of humankind” May 14, 2019; I wrote that I had written these short texts long enough. Now I have thought about that I can write some short texts now and then; not so often that earlier, and maybe about different things to think about.

Something I have thought about after the last text, “248. Seven months later”; is a little bit about what I remember about what the woman who “influenced” me in 1965, has said about that. Before she started, she told me about what she had thought about to do. And she said that the dog should get an important role.

Such a role as the dog got inside me, is something it is possible to “influence” to. That becomes like a self‐contained function, which works after its own purpose, independent of the person this function is “influenced” to work inside. The woman has given the dog different qualities.

What I have remembered about the dog; is that the dog shall hide inside me, so the criminals don’t find it. The dog understands what people are saying. Therefore the dog have heard what the criminals have said, when they “influenced” me. The dog understands perfectly it all; both what the woman in 1965 have done, and what the criminals in 1975 tried to do. The dog can’t talk. But the dog is very clever to get me to understand what it want to get me to understand, so I always have had to understand what the dog tries to get me to understand.

I have also remembered what the woman in 1965, said when she “influenced” me; that mistakes the criminals want me to do. when I hand out newspapers, are mistakes I made by myself. The criminals only activate such a function in me. That is something similar to the dog. The woman foresaw that the criminals would “influence” me to work as newspaper deliverer.

Before the woman started to “influence” me, she also foresaw when and where the criminals would take me. She “influenced” me to be an electrician, in the way I become it; I had first one year with mechanical education, before one year with education as an electrician. After that I had about three years apprenticeship, the last half year I sometimes should work alone, and an electrician should look after me now and then. She said that maybe the criminals had the same plan for me, because then they could get me into the office, where they got me into in 1975. She foresaw place, date and hour. She said the criminals would take me as fast as possible for them. The criminals took me early in the last half year of my apprenticeship.

February 9, 2020, David H. Hegg

250. Thoughts

Three days ago, out on my paper round; I wrote down four notes, at four different times. Here I write them in the same order; one, two, three, four.

1) Long lists of thought development in many steps, are being destroyed by “influences” by the criminals.

2) And these lists of thought development are being controlled, stopped and derailed, by the “influences” by the criminals.

3) And people don’t find the correct conclusions.

4) I got this in my mind, as something the person who “influenced” me in 1975 has said: Your thoughts shall go in all different directions, and never a day find meaning and answer.

Today I start to think about that when people started to write down their thoughts, then they got more coherence and understanding in their thoughts. I think this also is something the criminals want to destroy.

March 8, 2020, David H. Hegg

251. This world

This time I also have a note I wrote, at home, three days ago; about something I remember from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

You shall not a single day manage to understand correctly about this world; only about that your own imaginations, about that everything else, than what is correct, is what everything here in the world is.

After I wrote down that note, I have been thinking about it. And I think it seems like that is how it is; that people understand wrong about many things.

To break out of this deadlocked world of ideas; it is necessary to start to do more, and something different, in different ways. We have to understand about how the truths hide behind the wrong understandings about many things. We must work ourselves free from this deadlocked world of ideas, and we must find the truths. The problem is also how our world of ideas wanes. The “criminals” use easy methods to achieve strong reactions. Here I only have written a few words about this, instead of nothing.

April 5, 2020, David H. Hegg

252. Political ideal

Three days ago, out on the paper route, I wrote down five notes, five different times:

1) An “influence” isn’t that oneself want it. It is some others; who want it, and that others force oneself to it.

2) The “criminals” say; the unworthies shall work, the worthies shall not work.

3) The unworthies shall work for the worthies.

4) An “influence” isn’t that you want it. An “influence” is that you have to.

5) You have to want.

The next day at home, more than 24 hours later, I wrote two notes I got from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

1) “You are one of the unworthies, and you shall always continue to be that. Because here we separate the worthies and unworthies away from one another for ever”.

After I had written down this note; I remembered that the woman who “influenced” me in 1965, “influenced” me to; “you shall find out what shows their political ideal, and what they do to achieve that”. And then I wrote the next note.

2) “Your will; shall have to be our will over you”.

Then I think that the woman in 1965 also “influenced” me to what I remembered from 1975 in the two previous texts; 250. Thoughts, March 8, 2020; and 251. This world, April 5, 2020.

April 18, 2020, David H. Hegg

253. My role

Today this came out in my mind, from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

“Your role here in the world; shall be that you always shall have to work all your days, for us in the higher social class. So; that we always shall know about that you are where you have a duty to and shall be, I here today have planned your course of work forward, from today to your last day here in the world”.

April 19, 2020, David H. Hegg

254. Our fantastic world

To want to understand wrong; is to want to falsify the development of humankind, and that can be understood as a crime against the whole. There can be many things to look at in this connection. One of these things; is that we humans are one of the living species here on earth. Today we can understand that many animals are exposed to much bad, and they suffer terribly without being able to put words on what are done against them. Are they only animals? No; they aren’t only animals. They are among all the different mental living creatures, which we humans are some among. Animals do both have different physical bodies and different inner minds. Today many animals tacitly are suffering terribly both mentally and physically, without having words to tell about what happens to them.

In this world it is balance between all the species which is the power. The beasts of prey eat other living species, but they don’t eat them all, and they don’t ruin what they are or their whole lives. It is possible to understand that this is because it cannot be too many on this planet. All living creatures die in different ways. What is this balance between all the species? That is all the small and big species’ right to be and live as what they are. All the small and big animals are clever to be what they are in different natural ways, when the whole here on earth is all right.

The “criminals” have been ruining everything for a long time now, not only for the humans, but for the animals also, and for it all here on earth. This is something important for us to start to understand. It all has become wrong. Everything we are doing today only makes it worse. The “criminals” want us to be dependent on their power and destruction. We humans ourselves are also ruined in this tragedy for our world. This is a big and important challenge for us in the time to come. I think about that we have days, years, decades, centuries, thousands, millions and more of years ahead of us. We humans are one of the living species here on earth, and it is wrong of us to be evil and ruin the other species. We humans are good creatures, and we must understand correctly, so we don’t do wrong and malicious here on earth.

I think about that there isn’t any other malice in our existence, than what humans do maliciously. And I think that is because we humans can use our abilities good or bad. I think it is correct of us to use our abilities in good ways here on earth, together with all the other living species. Beyond that; we also can develop our own special things.

Today many people don’t have any contact with the nature and the wildlife. It is important that we learn about, and understand about, that we humans aren’t alone on this planet. We are here together with many other valuable and fine living creatures, that is our fantastic world.

May 3, 2020, David H. Hegg

255. Life in the universe

How many times haven’t humans looked out in the starry night …, and asked themselves; are we humans alone in this enigmatic darkness? None of us know how many times that question has been asked. We wonder; can it be someone else? Can they be small? Can they be large? What color can they have? Can they be dangerous? Can they be friends? There is an answer; we humans aren’t alone, there are others; here on Earth, together with us. Here we live together with many other different creatures; which are all the fantastic animals.

When I have written this, I ask myself; have the “criminals” done something with our relation to the animals? And I am sure about that the “criminals” have “influenced” to ruin our relation with the animals. This is many things; but it is possible to look at this as the whole, consisting of many things. It means that the “criminals” have wanted to ruin our relation to the whole. The whole is one thing, consisting of many things, which it is wrong of us humans to ruin what are. What can this whole be? That is also a question. And all the answers we try to find, about what it can be, make us understand that it all is something valuable and irreplaceable we humans have to protect. One of the things I get in my mind, is that the “criminals” split natural connections into incoherent disintegrations, so it comes to incomprehensible pieces, which gives us a wrong and ruined experience of our reality. We can say; the whole is one thing, and it is wrong of us to ruin parts of it.

What makes us humans special; is that we can understand about ourselves, the animals and the life on Earth. The most important we humans do, is to understand correctly. And the correct understanding about the animals; that is about how much they are, in different ways. The animals are many different living creatures. We humans aren’t alone in the universe, here on Earth we live together with many other living creatures. All creatures on Earth are created to live their different lives. They are created to live as what they are.

If the humans do something good, then they become something good. If the humans do something bad, then they become something bad. This can be understood in a universal way. Humans cannot decide how they can understand; they can understand how they can decide.

May 10, 2020, David H. Hegg

256. Blacked out

Two days ago, I wrote down this note out on my newspaper round. The note was written in three parts, three times, with short intervals. I remember it as something from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

For each year which goes by; becomes one part, corresponding the number of years your life shall attain to have to be, of your brain which is that part where your memory is; blacked out and will never more give you memories about your life. And then you only walk about and smile, because then you gradually don’t remember anything of all the painful, which your life then has become.

May 16, 2020, David H. Hegg

257. Harmony

From time immemorial the sunshine has lighted up woods and mountains from blue sky. The sun’s rays have sparkled through the morning dew. The white snow has brightened up the landscapes. At night the moon shines quietly over Earth from the starry sky. In the morning the birds start singing, the fish are leaping; all the animals wake up.

Today it is possible to look down on Earth through cameras from space. We can look at it all from the outside. That gives us the possibility to think about what we are seeing. We humans have reached many possibilities today.

We can do good or bad. What are these possibilities? It is possibilities we have found. What cannot be found; is impossible for us to reach.

This living planet is what everything starts with, for us humans. What is this living planet? It all is a spiritual miracle. Each small and large creature on this planet, is an important part of this spiritual whole. We humans are one of these parts. It is a grate responsibility to be a human, and together we humans have to show that we are worthy this responsibility. Every animal on Earth has been created as a living spiritual creature, meant to live its life as it is meant to be; in the water, on the ground, and in the air.

When people still lived in harmony with nature, it inspired the mental power in people to create many different artistic masterpieces. One example is The Four Seasons, by the Italian composer Antonio Lucio Vivaldi 1678 – 1741. If you copy, The Four Seasons Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, into YouTube, www.youtube.com, it is possible to hear this music.

Is the whole world a result of mental power? Maybe it can be something like that. We can understand that it is more with this world than we can see, hear and touch. We cannot see everything with our eyes, we cannot hear everything with our ears, and we cannot touch everything with our hands. The animals and we humans are created by the same, and in harmony we can live in a beautiful world, together here on Earth.

May 19, 2020, David H. Hegg

258. Definition

For months I have had problems with understanding if it is correct to say that animals are food or not. Today I have reached an unambiguous understanding. No animals are food; all of them are living spiritual creatures. This is an unambiguous definition, and there isn’t room for any departure from this definition. It is the same for absolute all animals; in the water, on the ground, and in the air.

When you have food on the plate, then it is only food, also when it is made of animals. But when we talk about living animals, then they are only living spiritual creatures. A living animal is only a spiritual creature. A killed animal is only food.

Today I clearly experienced this as a conflict in me; if animals are food or not. And I clearly experienced that; as a conflict between “influences” by the “criminals”, and a correct understanding about what animals are. I experienced it as if the “criminals” have “influenced” me to think about animals as food. When I saw through this “influence” by the “criminals”; I understood that living animals only are spiritual creatures, and absolutely nothing else than that.

This is not so much. But today this became a strong and unambiguous definition for me. And her I have written down this short definition, without any further thoughts about this. But I can add that I think; that the “criminals” look at humans as things, in a similar way, as they look at animals.

May 21, 2020, David H. Hegg

259. The person who

Today I made two notes, which I write her. The first note is an isolated point. It has to do with compounded connections. But here I write it as a single point; which I today thought that has to do with, what is the problem with the economic system today:

A problem regarding economics today; is that people start to live by the economic system, as the only thing they do.

The next note is something I got from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

Now you shall get something from the person who has started up this. You are only a pitiful one you. The sexual power shall win over the whole you. You (all) shall only become more and more (an increasing number), so that the numbers of you (all) ruin you (all). But you shall never be more than one, because we don’t want to have any of such as you.

May 30, 2020, David H. Hegg

260. Two possibilities

Today I wrote down this note out on my newspaper round. This is something, which comes up in my mind, from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

It will be two possibilities for you, from me here today. Because here I have that power, which does it possible for this (I do here), to be as that God, you believe that exists a place, over you and your life. Because here I have that power; which does me to God over you. Either you shall be a pitiful poor creature (poor creep). But if you start with weapons as your way, you shall be (remain) as that you are, all the time to you completely one day have been completely ruthless and cruel, and you do anything of malice, to win the war you then have got a share in, to take part in. Because here I have the power, which then has done you to this; you shall be ruthless and evil till nothing more is left to win.

June 10, 2020, David H. Hegg

261. Trained to

After having written the previous text, I have had a clear understanding of that the woman, who “influenced” me in 1965, have “influenced” me to remember what I wrote there. The text “260. Two possibilities”. What this is; isn’t the same as remembering in a usual way. The woman has “influenced” me to remember something of what the “criminals” have done to me.

What I have understood after June 10, 2020, when I wrote that text; is that she has “influenced” me in this way: I shall be out on my newspaper round, if I don’t have that work, I shall go for a walk, because I shall be in movement. First I remember something about what that text is about. She has said something about that. This first time; I only think about what that is. It was something about being ruthless and cruel against children and the elders, women and all people. It was more, but this is what I remember about that now.

About two hours after that (I was working, so I had different things to do,) I thought that I should write down this. And when I had taken out paper and pen, and started to write; these words in that text, came out of my head.

In the time after that, I have remembered it as, that the woman in 1965 “influenced” me to do this in that way. The text I wrote down; was hidden inside the first I remembered, about two hours earlier. The woman has “influenced” me to write down these words, which was hidden inside some other words, in this way.

When I have understood this, I also understand that the woman in 1965 has trained me to be able to do this, by how she has made “influences” in me, which have trained me to manage to do this. Therefore it is the “influences” by this woman, which have worked in me, so I have remembered such things. It is the same with the text before the previous text also “259. The person who”.

When we talked in the beginning in 1965, the woman talked about that it will be other possibilities, when I start to do this, and I had to be clever in using these possibilities.

The name of this woman is |N\o|r/a| \A|n/d|r\e|s/e|n\. If the “criminals” still have the name, they can’t search for this. My parents and I lived in a cottage in her garden the first five years of my life. I was very fond of her. I usually looked for her when I thought she should come home, and I ran towards her when I saw her. When we moved to another place in 1960, I cried very much continuously all the time, when we were moving from her.

June 16, 2020, David H. Hegg

262. Here is something

Here is something which I understand, that she who “influenced” me in 1965, has said when she “influenced” me. These words; are also words which came out of my head, when I started to write this down:

There is something here, which is in such a way, that everything in the world shall be ruined. It says a little about that, in what I have read. And it looks clearly as if; that this is something, they who are doing this, have the intention to do. That is to get the people to ruin so much; that they in the end have to intervene with that power, which they, then have been able to make to their; all of it in the world; to stop the populations in the world, from continuing to only ruin the whole world, with trying to bring in popular government and power all over on the earth. Then shall their immemorial social order again turn out to be absolutely necessary, and the only which know how to use that power which are needed, to force everything to go on in orderly and reasonable ways. But I don’t know exactly what they are doing with this; therefore it is necessary to have to find out correctly about this. This can be something which is too dangerous, to really get the possibility to be realized, by these people who now are doing something such.

Here it is used long sentences, and that is to show that this is what they do. They use long sentences which is difficult to understand. People shall learn to read short sentences; while they learn to use long sentences. Because even if people don’t understand the long sentences, they although work correctly and exactly, in people’s subconscious, where people don’t know or understand themselves, what they have done and which goes on with them there.

June 22, 2020, David H. Hegg

263. Self‐insight

From the earliest times, humans have looked at their own way of life as correct, whatever that has been. Today it is the same. We look at ourselves from a subjective visual angle. As in times past, our own way of life; forms the subjective visual angle, from where we are looking at ourselves. This is something the “criminals” use, and they form our way of looking at ourselves. The “criminals” hinder us in being able to true, objective and correct self‐insight. The “criminals” hinder us in understanding the world in a correct way.

This hindrance is something it is important to become aware of, and begin to understand what is. Typical such things take time to understand and find out about. In a way we are stuck in different “influenced” wrong ways of thinking, and it takes time to work ourselves out of that, little by little.

June 30, 2020, David H. Hegg

264. Opposite confirmation

The last days I have thought about something I think can be important. That is how the “criminals” say “this shall happen” when they “influence”, it can also be the opposite “this shall not happen”. Maybe the word happen can be repeated in different ways at the same time, as; take place, be done, etc. I am not quite sure, but I think this is what they also do; that the “criminals” also shall have a confirmation of this, that the “influenced” person shall repeat the same “this shall happen” or “this shall not happen”. This can be about all kinds of different things.

I have thought about that it is something smart to say the opposite, of what oneself think that the “criminals” have said. For example if you think they have said “this shall happen” about something, you can say “this shall not happen” and “this shall never happen” to yourself; or the opposite, if that is what you think it is. It can also be smart to think that yourself are back when you became “influenced”, and say an opposite confirmation of what you think can have happened; go back in time in your mind, and turn it around to the opposite, say an opposite confirmation.

July 10, 2020, David H. Hegg

265. Great musicians

If we think about that a bird is an intelligent construction. Then we after that; can think the same about a human, that a human also is an intelligent construction. Then that becomes; that a bird and a human have one thing in common, they both are intelligent constructions. Why shouldn’t a bird think that it is fine to be an intelligent construction? Of course a bird can think that. A human can also think the same.

I have thought about how people nowadays don’t play music themselves, as often as it was usual earlier. And I have thought about a musical instrument which people earlier liked to hear and play; a flute. If you write or copy the name Egil Storbekken into YouTube, www.youtube.com, you will find some recordings of his music. That is how a small and simple musical instrument can be something great! A simple flute is not so expensive, and not so difficult to play, and even so, it is a very fine musical instrument. Egil Storbekken 1911 ‐ 2002 was a well‐known folk musician in Norway, who played flute.

A flute can remind you of a bird. A bird can play fine music. Birds can be great musicians. With a flute, a human can play fine music, and also be a great musician. A bird is a fine creature. A flute is a fine musical instrument. There are many fine sounds, tones and music in the world. The music of the forests, music of the birds in the trees; the forests with the trees full of music. There are many different fine birds under the vault of heaven, and many different fine musical instruments we humans can play.

Just now it seems for me that the “criminals” have said to me, when they “influenced” me, that I never shall play folk music, neither on any musical instruments nor from any disc recordings. It also seems for me that the “criminals” have said, that I shall forget Egil Storbekken and not know about him anymore. At the same time it is as they have said the same about other folk musicians I knew about in 1975, that I shall forget them, and never play any of their music. I think the “criminals” want to remove all different folk music and all folk cultures from the whole world.

I started writing on this text when I still was writing the previous text yesterday, 264. Opposite confirmation.

July 11, 2020, David H. Hegg

266. An important chapter

In this text I think about a phenomenon which depends on some bad principles. I look at it in this way, to keep it as a theoretical phenomenon here. That is how some people can start to get others to believe in their lies, betrayal and falseness.

When people start to believe in other people’s lies, betrayal and falseness; then they start to be overcome by these lies, betrayal and falseness. That becomes; that honest people come under power of these false people’s lies, betrayal and falseness. Inside this two‐facedness, it typical also hides something evil. As time goes by this can be that people only believe in these lies, betrayal and falseness; without knowing anything about what can be the cause of it.

I think that this is something, which has left its mark on our history in thousands of tears, and it has always been something wrong. I also think that this can be something important, which the “criminals” (and also others) understand what is, and they have ruined all the people back in time, who had started to understand about this.

These people; who started to understand about this, can have been all kinds of different people. In that way, we today not any longer know anything, about what that was. This can be a hidden chapter in our past, for about 100 years (or maybe a little bit more or less) ago. And I think that can be an important chapter in our past.

This is something I think that can be like this, I haven’t found out more about it.

July 30, 2020, David H. Hegg

267. Contrary to nature

What is it that is contrary to nature? That is to destroy the nature.

What is one plus one? That is two.

What is one minus one? That is zero.

August 9, 2020, David H. Hegg

268. Overgrazing

If a little too many farm animals graze on a little too small area; then that will after a little too long period of time, result in overgrazing. When that in a sneaking way has impoverished the area a little too much year after year, then the number of farm animals must be much reduced, or the area must be totally untouched for many years. The area didn’t have enough resources for so many farm animals. Either the farm animals have to be moved to another area, or they will die of hunger.

It is the same with the planet Earth and us humans. If we too late understand that we have overconsumed the Earth too much for a too long period of time; then we understand that too late. Then we don’t have another planet to move to, and the economy can’t help us.

August 17, 2020, David H. Hegg

269. Destruction

Destruction isn’t the same as change. Climate destruction isn’t the same as climate change.

To destroy the climate isn’t the same as changing it. The change is a worsening. The worsening is a destruction. It is a destruction, which go’s on.

August 22, 2020, David H. Hegg

270. Millions of years

By the millions of years have all the different life on Earth existed in perfect balance with one another. All the animals and plants have lived here without too much dominance by one species. I think the “criminals” have “influenced” us humans to create imbalance and destruction on the Earth.

September 12, 2020, David H. Hegg

271. Spiritual interaction

For a long time I have struggled with thinking about if there is a spiritual interaction between all the different animals and us humans. Now I think that it is a spiritual interaction between all the living species. I think that it is both an ecological interaction, and a spiritual interaction, between all the living species on Earth, include the plants. (For example; why do the flowers smell good and look pretty?)

My clear understanding has become that these two conditions; the ecological interaction, and the spiritual interaction, both have their intentions and meanings. I think that this is in different ways with different interactions; which is different groups of species. These different groups of species can be flexible and varying groups, in larger and smaller perspectives, also exactly defined groups.

It all is a connected whole; both a spiritual and an ecological whole. This is something I now just have thought about, when I wrote this text, therefore it is incipient thoughts. I think the “criminals” want to remove the spiritual meaning from the world, that can be attached to such things as cultures, traditions and meanings etc.

September 13, 2020, David H. Hegg

272. Together

In the foreseeable future; we don’t have any other planets to move to. We only have one possibility; to take good care of planet Earth. When this is our situation; then that is our overall responsibility. Nothing is more important.

The “criminals” have typical “influenced” us to try to reach our different goals by ruining them. Without doubt; they also have studied the human nature, to ruin for us by understanding about that in ways we don’t understand ourselves, because we haven’t understood what they are doing. There can be different things to find out about regarding that.

One thing I have had in mind for some time now; is how the human nature typical is reflected by how each of us develops our own way of thinking. This can be to build up one’s own experience and understanding about what the world and everything is. But typical this is an incomplete picture of the reality. Therefor we regarding that, also only have one possibility; to listen to one another and understand what others have understood with their way of thinking.

We humans think and understand together. Anybody can be the person who finds out and understands something important for us all. The history shows us that people have done terrible wrong by sticking to their own deadlocked ways of thinking. I think that is one of the things the “criminals” use. They “influenced” people to develop their own incomplete deadlocked ways of thinking.

What happens in my mind; is that I am “influenced” by the woman who “influenced” me in 1965. That woman is with me in everything I do regarding this, as a part of it. Without her; not anything of this had been discovered, and I hadn’t done anything of what I now have done regarding this. She “influenced” me in a way so my understanding about what this is, and how it goes on, should develop in deep secrecy inside me. She talked about that what happens to me, also can start to happen with other people who understand what has happened to me. It is that the understanding about what goes on, slowly starts to develop and grow inside oneself. Now I see her inside me and hear her voice says; that we humans think together, we don’t think alone. It is dangerous when some people isolate themselves in groups with their own hidden incomplete ways of thinking.

September 27, 2020, David H. Hegg

273. The real

Nature; is our real conditions of existence.
The economy; is only something people have thought of.

September 29, 2020, David H. Hegg

274. Made up

After having had the previous text in mind, “273. The real, September 29, 2020”, these thoughts appear to me:

The economy; can be compared with a religion, which people believe in until it has been their destruction to believe in it. A religion; is something which people have made up, and which the people afterwards believe in, as something mightier than themselves.

Nature; haven’t the people made up. The living world; haven’t the people made up either. Nature, can we destroy; because we don’t understand what it is.

I think that this is something, which the “criminals” understand.

October 5, 2020, David H. Hegg

275. Two things

Money is two things; a means of payment and an instrument of power.

After that; the same can be said about economy; it is a payment system and a power system.

What is it money and economy first and foremost is? That depends on what it is made to be, and how you look at it. These are two distinct sides of what money and economy are. Here I have wanted to clarify these two sides. What this first and foremost is, is also something it is sensible to consider what can be.

It is possible to impart nuances to and vary the definitions about this. In unequal different situations this can go on in unequal different ways. I think that the “criminals” want the people to believe, that the development is due to something we have to, and that it isn’t something the people can control by themselves what shall be. This works in this way; that it is like this the “criminals” decide and force through, against the people, how the development becomes.

It becomes obvious to think about that the “criminals” use much money as an instrument of power, to after that be able to use much money as a means of payment. But all the time I think about that it is different things with the “criminals”, and that I don’t know what they really exactly are doing.

Now; at the same time with this, I also have thought about something else. When I grew up, in the 50s, 60s and 70s, I typical saw grocer’s shops which were built with the shop on the ground floor, and with the home of the shop owner on top of the store. This way of doing it, could also be common for other businesses.

At that time when it was usual, that many shops were built in this way, I think that it was an intermediate stage in the plans by the“criminals”. Many ordinary people should at that time, have it as an ideal to be able to be doing many small businesses. But the plan was already at that time, that this decentralized property‐power‐structure, later should be taken from them by powerful centralized property‐power‐structures.

This intermediate stage which I could see around me in the 50s, 60s and 70s, was because many should believe in this ideal of society, about decentralized property and power, because the “criminals” on the basis of this intermediate stage in their plans, later could “influence” to that powerful monetary power later could take it from them. The ideal about that many could own a little, should prepare the way for that a few shall own everything. This has gone on in that way; that the different big powerful business managements have developed themselves like this, that it has become impossible for the many individual citizens to run their own businesses.

It seems as something typical; that the “criminals” start with “influencing” people to be, and be doing, what they want to destroy. In connection with that I also think about something the person who “influenced” me in 1975 said: “First you shall continue to be the person who others are used to that you are. But that isn’t now any longer you. That has become that it is me here, who now control the person who you are, from now on. ”

All the time people are used as different playing counters by the “criminals”, and the “criminals” use these human counters completely cynical and ruthless, independent of if they are poor or rich. I think that the “criminals”, look at other people as nothing. Other people are only something they control, destroy and do anything they want with.

Now finally; when I finish this text, I think this: What goes on; is all the time what not is being said. What is being said; is all the time what not goes on.

…What happens; is what we all the time not get to know. What we get to know; is all the time what not happens.

October 11, 2020, David H. Hegg

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